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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I've got Christmas on the brain!!!

There are only 42 days till CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I am just feeling it so much this year, it seems even more so than past years. I don't know what it is but I am just thinking of it 24/7!!! I am so ready to put up our FOUR trees, like, NOW! Of course Kevin thinks I am out of my tree since it is not even Thanksgiving yet, but I don't care! He already knows I am a holiday freak!!! :-) I don't want to short-change Turkey Day, because I love that, too (can't wait for the Macy's Parade!!!) but I am just so all about Christmas right now!!! Truly, I think about and plan for Christmas year-round, but it starts to really stir in me around August then really hits me around Halloween (which I love, too!). But, i still soak in and enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving and autumn in general, and I feel like I did and will enjoy those things but I just find myself so wanting Christmas NOW, but then not wanting to rush it either!!! Aaarrrrggghhhh what is a holiday-obsessed girl to do?!?!?! All I have been doing is listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas books and playing with Christmas craft stuff and dreaming of wrapping paper and mistletoe and candles and wreaths and snow and all of those wonderful symbols of the season!!!!!

Thank goodness I have the GLU girls - they are big holiday nuts just like me! They get it, not like so many of my friends here at home. I always longed to have friends that would get in to all of this stuff like I do. I am so excited there are other women out there who squeal with glee simply because they saw a Christmas commercial!

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