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Sunday, June 08, 2008

The depths of hell......

...is what it feels like right now!!! I just drove Kevin to the airport (he has meetings in VA tomorrow and Tuesday) and I passed one of those temp things and it said 98*!!! Eeekkkk!!! Wayyyyy too early for this...at least I think so! I love summer in New England. I DON'T love summer weather in New England...at least not the nasty humidity, of which we are at 100% right now. I swear to you I am melting. MEL-TING!!! And we don't get a reprieve till later in the week, so until then I will whine and moan and groan and do what I do best...complain about New England weather!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope you get to stay cool in your lovely home with Bailey, Kristen!
Glad you are posting again...missed you!!

Anonymous said...

You defintily want to get rid of any ideas you may have had about moving to Dixie, girl...cuz I KNOW you have just been chomping at the bit to come down to the Land of Truck-Nutz, pork rinds and Conservative Republicans....we get this type of weather half the year!

Seriously, though...take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Dude, it should have cooled off by now, according to your forecast icon.

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