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Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello??? Is there anybody out there??? Hellooo???

Do you ever feel that way? Like, hello??? Anyone there??? That is sometimes how I feel with my blog. I know it is not the most exciting blog on the web. And I know I write it mostly for me. But I want to feel like other people are reading it, too. I like to share stuff about me and my life. I am not a very private person. And I love to talk about crafts, papercrafts especially. And shopping finds. And great magazines and books. And fun stuff about Boston. And the silly antics of my dog or my nephew. And show off my yard or my home.

I try to get to all of my favorite blogs most days and do my very best to comment as often as possible. But no one seems to come back here to read or, even better, to comment. So I am left with that hello-is-there-anybody-out-there kind of feeling.

Going back to the writing it mostly for me thing...yes, that is true. This is my blog. But I also journal a lot by hand (my favorite way to write!!!). Those journals are 100% totally for me and no one else. Those contain a lot of the same stuff you see here on the blog and then the very few things I choose not to share. So I have something that is completely for me. I want this blog to be more....social. More out there, ya know? It is just disheartening to feel like no one is reading.

Am I having a pity party? Sure. But I can if I want to! Does anyone else who blogs ever feel this way? Surely I am not the only one. So I ask...what makes you read the blogs you read? Do you just lurk at many blogs or do you actually comment to let the writer know that there actually is someone reading their words? What kind of entries keep you coming back for more?

I will keep writing, though. I enjoy writing too much to give it up! And since getting back in to the swing of things with my blog I have been able to keep up fairly regular updates and I wish to continue that. So I guess I will just keep posting, and just keep hoping, that there is someone, or many someones, out there.......


Anonymous said...

I read many blogs but never comment unless it's something "controversial." No one ever writes letters to the editor in the newspaper if it's fluff (society page, birth announcements, for instance). Get some controversy going and then you should get more responses. You could put a counter on your site and see how many hits you actually get. Good luck with your blogging. A ravenous blog reader passing through.

lacey said...

hi there! you know i comment..usually! LOL I did feel exactly the same way. I have sitemeter and some other tracker thing-look on my blog-left hand side- you should be able to click on it and get your own. I think most people just like to read, and not really comment as they dont have much to say, or feel that sometimes they dont know what to say. I am sure there a tons of people who read yours. I know i have alot of readers that come back often-whether or not they comment...b/c of the tracker- kinda cool to see where they are all from. :) Keep bloggin!! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging Kristen as I love reading your blog...it's on my daily reads list!!!
I don't always comment even tho I come visit every day!
The tracker thingie sounds good as then you would have an idea of how many hits your site has!!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of leaving a comment that will embarrass you in front of all your sophisticated, bloggy friends. You know I love your Liberal ass, and your blog,too!
Hugs and love from your redneck sista....

Terri and Bob said...

Well, you can start counting on me! I have added you to my blog roll!