"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Sunday, July 06, 2008

~*~ "Sense" - sational Sunday ~*~

Each week on GLU we try to post about observing our world through our senses. I am trying to remember to post it here each week, too, and well, as you can see, I didn't too well the last couple of weeks. Oh, well, here is this week's list:

I see: a HUGE pile of laundry staring me down. It is futile to resist...it MUST get done today. With having three extra people here in the house these last couple weeks the laundry is getting out of control. I was doing pretty good at keeping up with it but then the last several days we have been beyond busy, going here and there from morning till night. Laundry became neglected. The pile grew. Now it is threatening to smother me if I don't do something....fast!!!

I hear: blissful silence!!! Well, other than the birds. I have posted about the birds before...we won't go there again! Anyhoo, it is the silence I am relishing right now. I love Kevin's cousins, so so much. But it is always just the two of us and Bailey here in the house...it has been an adjustment having five people in the house for an extended period of time. Then, of course, pretty much all of our days have been spent with even more people. Today would have been another of those non-stop, people-filled days. We were invited to MIL's friend's cottage in NH for the day...where there would have been way too many people and way too many kids. I needed a break...I managed to beg my way out of that one! And it was like, whew, a huge weight off my shoulders. I sent them all off around 9AM and I should have most of the day to myself! I feel like I can breathe a bit now. I think I may actually be a little excited to be able to do the aforementioned laundry!!!

I taste: s'mores! We had a family BBQ here at the house yesterday and dessert was good old s'mores...something they have never heard of in Belgium! Everyone loved them. Sure we had to toast the marshmallows over the grill rather than a campfire but it is all good! Sooo, in my weakness....and jubilation!...this morning, for breakfast, after they all left, I nuked myself a couple s'mores with some of the leftovers! (Good thing I am still walking my butt off every morning!!!)

I smell: OK, this is so gross, but just keeping it real, folks....I smell...a very gassy little doggie!!! Yep. Pretty funky.....'nuff said, I guess.

I touch: Well, besides laundry, I have every good intention of touching paper! And ink! And stamps! And paint! And maybe a canvas or two! I feel like I have neglected my craft room and all the goodness just busting it at the seams. I need to create. I must create....because before too long my house will be full again......{{{sigh}}} Creating will help me to further decompress. And I have so many ideas fogging up my brain. It is high time to execute some of them!!!

I feel:  Right now...relaxed, peaceful, thankful for some "me" time!
Recording these senses every week is really a fun writing exercise. It makes you think and get inside yourself. Try it! I think you will enjoy it. And, please, leave a comment with a link to your list to share with everyone!


PAT said...

Hi Kristen

I just stopped by from Terri's. Enjoyed my visit here!

Have a wonderful week.

Robyn said...

Kristen saw the posting over at Terri's blog! I don't know if you remember me...Robyn I was at one time on GLU. Then life kind of got in the way and I had to deal a bunch of things. Me with cancer. But anywoo! It is wonderful to see you again and love the GLU voice mail. Love to hear what all you lovely girls are up to!

Take care girly! You pic of hubby and pooch are darling! There are days I miss The GLU...tell everyone I said hello!
Many hugs,

P.S. Please come and visit me at my blog!