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Monday, September 29, 2008

An Amazing Creative Weekend!!!

~ Tim & me, Absolutely Everything, 9.28.08 ~

I am just so bummed it is over. It went by way too fast. There are few people that possess the talent and creativity and originality that Tim Holtz does and it is always such a privilege to take part in his classes and learn directly from him. And he is so accessible to his students, always ready to help and offer tips and advice. And he is just plain old FUN! We made some amazing projects, most of which I have not photographed yet because parts are still drying. It was an extremely humid weekend here and we were working with lots of Glossy Accents, Stickles, Gel Medium, ink, and paint and the humidity was definitely NOT helping the drying time. But still, the projects were amazing and fun and original and just had that Tim look and feel! So fun! We also got to use two of my favorite things: lots of Grungeboard and Fragments. And clear acrylic and canvases. Just so much creative artsy goodness all jam-packed into one very quick weekend.

What I have loved about this past weekend and the weekend before with the crop is it has really given me a creative jumpstart, which is great considering we are heading in to the holiday season. I am excited to get working on so many projects I have in my head. The craft room is relatively tidy (tidy enough to work in), I have all the supplies I could ever need, and I have so many people and places to look to for inspiration.

Life is good.

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