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Thursday, September 18, 2008

NH here we come!!!

Headed up to Portsmouth first thing tomorrow morning for a weekend of paper and ink and creative goodness!!! So why am I procrastinating on packing my stuff?!?! Probably because I know that once I start I will pack half my craft room and then once I am there bitch that I brought too much stuff yet again! LOL Oh, I never learn!!! But it's all good. It is all about the creative time and time with my Mom and friends!!!

On another note...I can't believe September is half over!!! And it is almost AUTUMN!!! (Well, in my mind it has been Autumn since September 1!!!). I just don't want fall to rush by...even though I loooove the Christmas season, too (98 days till Christmas!!!)....but then that gets here and I don't want that to go too fast either! I am excited for October, though. In my opinion October is THE best month of the year to be in New England! And I am partial to October because that is the year we got married (October 30...nine years...mwwwahhhh love you babe!), and my parents are celebrating their 40th Anniversary on 10/19. 40 years!!! I am so blessed to have the Mom and Dad I have, and so very blessed that they have shared all those amazing years together. And they grew up together!!! My two grandmothers did, too! So that is a loooong time of their families being connected, and I so love that about my family!

So, no more procrastinating! Off to pack my tote...or two or three! Let's see: paper? yep, lots of it! stamps? uh-huh, tons! ink? gotta have every color! thickers? uh, way more packs than one person, uh, needs! Oh yeah...PICTURES!!! Uh, hundreds.......

Oh, dear.....

(P.S. I think this is like my 98th post. So my 100th post is coming up! Hmmmm....maybe there should be a little giveaway in honor of that.....you will just have to keep checking to find out!)


marnie said...

Here's to a great weekend!!!
Can't wait to see what you created.
Enjoy yourself, Sweetie!

Tanya said...

How was your weekend? Just think, 1 more week til you get to see Tim! No, I don't think I'll get up to AE at all. Too much going on this weekend.