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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Random Saturday...

So, how cute is my husband?!? I am incredibly lucky that he will do the grocery shopping because I loathe grocery shopping. And what does he come home and surprise me with today?!? Autumn teas!!! He said he knew I would like them, and even if I didn't he knew I would like the boxes!!! LOL He knows me so well!!!

I think a nice steamy cup of tea is on tap for this evening!!!

For years my beloved YiaYia, whom I miss so much, taught ceramics! And I was lucky enough to learn from her! As a child and then a teen then well in to my 20's I made lots of ceramic pieces, mostly holiday themed of course! For years, though, I haven't put them out because of space. This year I decided I just had to put out some of my favorites regardless of space. This scarecrow is one piece I am most proud of. I made this some time in my teens and I am just really happy with the color and shading and detail. I love this! And it reminds me of my YiaYia!

I sure do miss my YiaYia..........
So I am finally posting one of my TIM projects from last weekend! To say I love this canvas would be an understatement!!! I am really happy with how this turned out. Tim went over so many great techniques with us, some I have learned from him before and some new. My absolute favorite had to be his "recipe" for snow! See that clump of white on the top of the canvas? That is faux snow!

Here is what you need:

* plastic disposable bowl
* craft or popsicle stick
* disposable gloves
* UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel)
* white or iridescent glitter
* regular white embossing powder
* distress white embossing powder
* any other "snow" colored powders or glitters you like. The only one you *must* have is UTEE.
* Glossy Accents

In the plastic bowl dump in as much UTEE as you need to get the amount of snow you want. Mix in other powders and/or glitters. When you have a dry mix you like, start pouring in Glossy Accents, mixing with a craft stick. Add enough Glossy Accents to give the mix the consistency of cookie dough. Oh yeah, you should have the gloves on! ;D

When it is cookie dough consistency, you then use your hands to apply it to your projects, molding it to a look you like. It dries fairly quickly and dries super hard. Glossy Accents is basically a clear super strong glue so this "snow" isn't going anywhere!!!

Is that cool or what?!?

I still have more TIM projects to post but must finish off bits and pieces of them before I will post them.

Today was the Craft Fair at Brooksby Farm! Such a fun fall tradition for Mom and me. And it was the perfect fall day, too...bright and sunny, blustery and crisp, craft fair at the orchard...perfect! Managed to get lots of Christmas gifts crossed off my list and some fun stuff for swaps I am involved in!!!

Tomorrow we are going to buy pumpkins and mums for the yard! So excited for that!!!

Well, Joe is here hanging out with Kevin and me so I think we are going to watch a movie. 

And I want some tea!!!

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Terri and Bob said...

Lovin the project. Tim has to know that you make him look good as a teacher!

The teas are delightful. I was in walmart this weekend and they have the holiday winter teas out. I guess I missed the fall ones!