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Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday randomness...

I know it sounds ridiculously cliche but T*G*I*F !!!!!!!!!!! And here's to the end of a hellish work week and hopefully the beginning of a fun, relaxing, quiet weekend! Got some things weighing heavily on my mind and I just need some time to meditate on them and pray about it and just kind of be, ya know?

Some fun things I want to do this weekend are:
* There is a holiday craft fair at the Danvers Art Association tomorrow. Going to check that out.
* This weekend is the Hallmark Holiday Open House! Always love that!
* Going to Target!!! Always love that, too!
* I have got some fun craft projects on my table to work on.
* Getting my hair highlighted...that is good for two hours of relaxing!

Some not-so-fun but necessary things I have to do this weekend are:
* Laundry...and after 9 years I still have yet to figure out how two people produce so much laundry in one week!
* Other household chores....blahhh!
* Clean up the yard....uuuuugggghhhh!

Some things I am pondering:
* It's not too early to put up at least one Christmas tree, right?!
* And while I am it it won't hurt put the candles in the window, right?!

Some things I think you should check out:
* Tim's new holiday stamps! Can we say YUM!!!
* Look at my sidebar -----> I think everyone should check out the Giving Thanks Challenge...and do it!
* This website, Ideal Bite. Fun, simple, small changes we can all make in an effort to be more green.
* Drink this beer, Sam Adams Octoberfest, before it is gone for the season...harvest-y, hop-y goodness!
* This project and this project on Ali's blog....holiday creative goodness!

Wishing you all a fantabulous weekend!!!

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Terri and Bob said...

Sounds like a bad ass weekend, girlfriend! I went to the MU football game last night and now my face is wind burned... good gracious. I will catch up with your other posts. Hey, consider putting that widget on your site that allows us to follow your blog. That way I won't ever miss a post!