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Monday, November 03, 2008

Well hello November!

Oh my did you creep up fast!!! Where did October go? Where did autumn go? It is freezing here! Anyway, thought I would post some randomness on this cold and gray Monday afternoon.

There really hasn't been too much exciting going on here so not a whole lot to post about. The best thing though is Mom is doing GREAT! She still has a lot of recovering to do and she gets tired pretty easily but all in all she is doing really well! And we are so very thankful for that!!! This past Saturday I got her out of the house for a bit and brought her to a Stampin Up party at Angela's house. Then on the way home we made a quick stop at Borders for a book we both wanted to get. It was nice to be hanging out with my Mom!

Well, I got all of the Halloween decorations put away yesterday and put out the few Thanksgiving decorations I have. I love Thanksgiving so much, but I tell ya I was itching to get my Christmas decorations put up instead!!! My fall decorations have been up since early September so I feel like we get a lot of time to enjoy those. I am thinking I will have to start putting Christmas stuff up in the next couple weeks. It is a lot of work to put it all up so I would like to enjoy it longer. Who cares if most of the people I know will think I have lost it....I am sure most people don't think I am all there anyway! LOLOL :-)

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I barely have. I have like maybe two things. Every year I say I will do better and start much earlier than this and somehow I manage...not to. 

Oh! I did promise a post at some point about prepping for Christmas with links and all that, didn't I? I suppose I should get to that, huh? In the meantime, I do have a list on my sidebar with links to favorite Christmas websites (and also a list with favorite autumn websites, too).

Wow! This is a really boring post. I guess I should go do something else for now......

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