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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hello, 2009

~* Bailey take the wheel, 1.3.09 *~

First, I just have to say...how flippin cute is my dog?!?! Seriously...look at that little face!!! Sigh...he is the best!!!

Anyway, 2009. Crazy. And already 3 days in. So excited for a brand new year. So excited about the possibilities and fresh starts and time to shine. So, in honor of 2009, I thought I would make a random list of stuff. Since there is no way I could ever list 2,009 things I combined the numbers in 2009, which is of course 29 (hey don't laugh....normally I suck at math!).

So, I give you........
(I can't think of a better title right now)
  1. It is really cold here right now
  2. But I am still in the "loving snow" phase of my winter
  3. though soon...very soon...I will be in the "I HATE effin winter" phase"
  4. My time off is almost over...and that makes me sad
  5. But I am looking forward to seeing some of my co-workers
  6. I didn't get as much done during my time off as I wanted to...but it's OK
  7. Because 2009 is all about fresh starts
  8. I bought a really cool calendar today
  9. And an extra battery for my camera
  10. I like having extra batteries for my camera
  11. Because I take way too many pictures for a non-professional
  12. But I like taking pictures...so it's OK
  13. This list is really lame
  14. But that is OK, too
  15. My toes are cold
  16. Kevin keeps the TV too loud...I feel like I am in the damn stadium
  17. But I love him...so it's OK
  18. Bailey snores...it's kinda cute
  19. I think I will make supper soon
  20. I think I will make stuff with paper after that
  21. I like to make stuff with paper
  22. I swear a lot, but it's OK. It's me.
  23. Kevin hung shelves today and did NOT swear. THAT is a miracle!
  24. I have to cut onions to make what I want to make for supper. I don't like cutting onions.
  25. The previous post is a slideshow of my craft room. It is never really organized. It's OK.
  26. I have been on the computer too long this afternoon.
  27. This is only #27?!?!?!
  28. iTunes is becoming my new favorite addiction. 
  29. I know my posts are not all that exciting but I really enjoy my blog. 


Tammy said...

I love your blog, too, and I swore plenty today, and I also cut up onions for what I needed for supper! Shine on, girl!!!

lacey said...

HA HA :) Aren't those beagles such CUTE little lovable things??? ;0)

Michele said...

You are so right, Bailey is adorable! Thank God he doesn't have Marley Syndrome!

Love your list.....Does your mind ever shut down?