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Friday, May 01, 2009

I think my husband should start a blog...

~* Kevin at the driving range last Saturday night, 4.25.09 *~

These are the types of random thoughts that pop in to my head when I am home on Fridays with just Bailey to talk to. Then I feel the need to call my husband at work, interrupt what he is doing, and share my random thoughts. He usually laughs at me, tells me he is busy, and tries to get me off the phone. But, with me, one random thought turns to many. And I can talk faster and longer than Kevin. This is how the conversation went today:

{{{ ring ring ring }}}
Kevin: "Kevin DeSimone"
me: "I just had the BEST idea"
Kevin: (a quiet groan...)
me: "I think you should start a blog, and it should be..."
Kevin: (quiet laughter) "yeah, right."
me: "Don't laugh! You should start a blog all about sports! Isn't that brilliant?!"
Kevin: "Couldn't this have waited till I got home?"
me: "NO! Because you know when I get an idea I have to share it right away or else I forget."
(at this point I think he mumbled something about wishing I had forgotten this idea...I choose to ignore him when he mumbles...)
me: "think about it...you live and breathe sports. You..."
Kevin: "I really have to go..."
me: "Did I tell you what I did today? So, I went out and..."
Kevin: "KRISTEN! I am busy!"
me: "OK. I'll let you go. So what do you want for supper?"
Kevin: "We decided this earlier. I thought you called about a blog."
me: "what?"
Kevin: "I am hanging up now!"

Anyway, I still think he should start a blog about the Boston sports scene. I think he would be great at it. He writes well (he doesn't think he does), he is articulate and intelligent (he doesn't think he is), and he is passionate about sports, especially Boston sports. It would give him an outlet to get his thoughts out about games, trades, off-season happenings, etc., since my eyes tend to glaze over when he talks about this stuff to me! Yeah, I love my Patriots but he loves everything about ALL Boston sports, and other stuff like golf.

So what do you think? Do you think it is a good idea? I think even if you are a sports fan but not necessarily a Boston sports fan it could be a good read because the comments would provide a forum for some different takes on the topics. If he started this blog, would you spread the word?


marnie said...

I would tell my son, Donny, who is another guy who lives and breathes Boston sports. :)

I think it would be a cool thing for Kevin to do.

Tammy said...

YES! Yes, he MUST do it! How can I help you harrass him in to doing it???????