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Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm being THAT person again.....

~* A tiny little pumpkin starting to form, 7.17.09 *~

One of "those garden people" that I dreaded becoming. But I can't help it! I loooooove my garden!!! I never thought I would be as in to gardening as I am. I certainly never thought Kevin would be. but we are very proud of our little garden. It is amazing what we did with a tired patch of dirt and some tiny plants from the local nursery!

~* Zucchini blossoms, 7.17.09 *~

I have taken pictures the past few Fridays and the changes I see from week to week amaze me! Truly amaze me! Plants that I thought looked sad and pathetic a month ago have exploded in to lush bunches of green leaves and pretty blooms waiting to transform themselves in to fresh summer vegetables. I am in awe of the transformation.

~* Butternut squash and Zucchini, 7.17.09 *~

The only thing is my pepper plants haven't grown too tall. But they have definitely grown. And they look super healthy. And there are buds and blossoms. Are they supposed to get really big? I don't know. I just hope to see some peppers this summer!!!

~* Tomato plants...full and fragrant, 7.17.09 *~

My tomato plants seem to be outgrowing their cages!!! They are growing like crazy and there are scads of little tiny blossoms all over. And they are fragrant! So fragrant. I mean the leaves. 
Any time I get near them they smell so....fresh. And summery. And, and....produce-y! I truly didn't know tomato plants smelled so yummy!

~* The herb JUNGLE! 7.17.09 *~

And then there are my herbs. My tiny little herbs have exploded in to an herb jungle! They are starting to block the path to the side door, and that is the door everyone uses! I may have to move the pots, but I love having them near the door. The side door leads right in to the kitchen and it is great to just open the door and snip the herbs I want to cook with!


Now, lest you think I have no life other than tending to my garden, I will fill you in on why I was so scarce from the blog world this past week. The evil co-worker that no one likes took a vacation!!! Praise the Lord!!! It was a FABULOUS week! But freakin busy! I was at work late every day this week, and during the day, though I did have some down time here and there I used it to visit many of the blogs I love and to leave comments whenever I could. If I missed a post or two, please forgive me. I tried. I wake up around 5AM for work so I try to go to bed early during the week. So that didn't leave me much time at night either.

I have also been spending quite a bit of time in my craft room! One of my favorite things to do! I will share some of the stuff I have made but not all of it. Some stuff I like to make just for me (art journals and personal stuff). Some stuff I make are gifts. Some stuff I have worked on these past few weeks are only half-finished. And some stuff I am making and gathering in anticipation of possibly opening an Etsy shop. It is not definite yet. But it is something I have been giving a lot of thought to for several months now. If I do open a shop I want to have a good supply of stuff ready to stock it with. So, we'll see......

Sooo happy it is the weekend! So not happy that the heat and humidity has finally made it's presence known here in New England. Ugh! I hate this weather! I know I know...I bitched and whined about all the rain we got in June, but then for the beginning part of July it was just perfect. 70's, dry, light breezes. So nice. Thankfully, tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of humidity for this week, then it is supposed to go back down to nice comfortable levels. I can throw open the windows again and enjoy the fresh air. Right now I have the AC on set to arctic!

I just keep telling myself: fall is right around the corner... fall is right around the corner... fall is right around the corner...


carma said...

If you have become an unlikely gardener, maybe there is hope for me, too - that I will one day take an interest. Yay! for evil co-worker being on vacation :D

Enjoy the weekend and please don't speed up fall. I like it hot!

Terri and Bob said...

The garden and especially the herbs, are fabulous! Look at you with the green thumb.

I would love to see you have an Etsy shop. I have said this before!

Aunt of 14 said...

Fall is right around the corner... fall is right around the corner.... I am so glad you see you here again! Your veggies look gorgeous. I wish I had your talent! :)

Christa said...

I really wish I had a garden! But on the 6th floor of an apartment complex I don't think it would work! LOL I hear you on the heat and humidity! It was 85 degrees and super humid today and they are calling for thunderstorms tonight. I hope Riley doesn't wake me up barking at the thunder again! LOL

I hope you do open the Etsy store...I think that would be great! I have to say one thing...I didn't have AC in Seattle because we didn't need it for more than 4 months a year...and living here now I LOVE AC!!! :) It is on all day long!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow quite the garden. Yours puts mine to shame. I definitely don't have the garden gene:)

Dreamgirl said...

I'm in awe of your garden! My fingers are so far from green that plants actually will wither up and die if I touch them!

But I would have loved your vegetable garden! You are going to have so many wonderful salads this summer... Mmmmmm...

I would come over for some tomatoes and mozarella... sprinkled with olive oil and a snip or two of your basil!

Thanks for visiting my blog;) I loved your sympathetic and funny comment!

Let's keep in touch!

Alicia said...

wow! just look at your garden grow!! that's awesome! glad you're back :)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great!

Pepper plants are slow growers - at least from my experience.

Make sure you keep pinching off the suckers on your tomato plants.

I'm so excited about your little pumpkins!!!! I wish I would have gotten off of my lazy rump and planted mine.