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Friday, July 10, 2009

They are so cute!!!

My parents are adorable. Seriously! Look how freakin cute they are together! I know I am their daughter so of course it sounds like I am biased but I am not. It is just a fact...they are damn cute! Can you believe they are both in their 60's?!? Yup. They have been married almost 41 years! My two grandmothers grew up together, so my parents grew up together. It was pretty much destined that they would live happily ever after. They did date a few other people in high school but nothing ever lasted. They always made their way back to one another. And having two grandmothers that were best friends long before either of my parents were ever born made for a tight-knit family. It was wonderful. Our family is very small. My Dad is an only child and my uncle, my Mom's brother, never married. My brother and I have no aunts and no first cousins but we never lacked for love. Even though both of my parents had to work full time we had our grandmothers and my paternal grandfather (my grandfather on my Mom's side passed away when I was only 7 months old. Everyone says I am just like him! I feel like he is with me to this day.) to watch over us. We are very lucky! And I love how close my parents still are all these years later!!! 

I snapped these pics here at my house tonight. Our nephew is sleeping over so my parents came over to have supper with us, too. My Dad is playing in a billiards tournament tonight. He loves billiards. It is local so they were able to come by for supper and hang with their grandson for a while. I love when Dad plays in tournaments because he has to get all dressed up in his vest and tuxedo shirt. I wish I made him put his tie on for the picture. Damn I love them!!!

~* Mom & Dad, 7.10.09 *~

~* Dad, The Billiards (DON'T call it pool!) King! *~

~* Jonathan loves his Papou!!! *~

~* Jonathan loves his YiaYia! *~

Apparently, the ladies love Jonathan!!!
(Good Lord, he is sooo my brother's kid!!!)

Ever since he walked in wearing that shirt tonight all I am hearing in my head is "Ladies love me, girls adore me, I mean even the ones who never saw me, like the way that I  rhyme at a show, the reason why, man, I don't know, so let's go, cause..." You know? That Rob Base song from the late 80's. Tell me I am not the only dork...please!


Aunt of 14 said...

LOL your not a dork... I think its especially sweet how much you love your parents. You're right, they ARE cute. They really are. My mom is cute and wacky funny, I love her. My dad is pfft.

So, it is very enlightening to see a couple be together for so long and STILL look cute! :)

Tammy said...

No, seriously I think you ARE a dork, cuz I don't remmebr that. Of course, if they didn't play it on The Dukles of Hazzard, I probably wouldn't have, so it's possible that I am the dork!

I cannot fathom not having any cousins. What a peaceful childhood you must have had. I have 84 on Daddy's side alone, and over a hundred on mama's.

Your parents are the darlingest, ever. Period.

Christa said...

What a cute couple!! I just love stories of how people met and got married. My parents just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary this year...and my Mom's dad died when she was 13 so I never got to meet him either...

You look ALOT like your Mom...:) Have fun with your nephew...I sure miss mine:)

Kathleen said...

My Mom was an only child, and we were estranged from my Dad's family, so we are a small family too. When my parents were alive (my Mom and step-Dad) I called them 3 or 4 times a day. I used to love to go places with them, because they were so much fun! HUrrah for family fun! Hugs, Kathleen

Michele said...

Love to read about your family! Lucky you to come from such wonderful parents. Can see why you are so special to Jonathan as an aunt. We'll be reading about his memories someday of you!

Alicia said...

awww...they are cute! and i love that they were destined to be together!