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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm baaa-aaacckkk!!!

And boy will you be thrilled because I just have sooo many exciting things to share...
I wish that were true. But I went from being sick to going back to work. Yep. Big excitement here!!! lolol

So, for your viewing pleasure...pictures of NH
taken before the nasty crud overtook my system!!!

Lincoln and Woodstock NH are pretty much our most favorite areas of the White Mountains. Located at the western end of the Kancamagus Scenic Byway (an AMAZING drive, especially in the fall), these two quaint mountain towns are laid back, fun, funky, and surrounded by natural beauty. This is truly a four season area...so much to do, whether winter, spring, summer, or fall.
(But fall is the best of course!)
I snapped this through the front windshield as we were headed to the Kanc. I had every intention of hitting a lot of the scenic areas to get some great shots, but, after just the first stop my insides decided to revolt...
This is the main road through Lincoln looking east toward the Kanc. We had stopped at a McD's to use the facilities and realized we were hungry and made the unfortunate decision to the eat evil McD's food. Yuck! Gross! I do my very best to stay away from that crap but hunger took over and I didn't use the best judgement. I got sick not long after. Now, in all fairness, I don't think I can really blame the food. Kevin ate the same thing and I shared a lot of mine with Bailey and they were both fine....but I am sure eating that crap didn't help what was to befall me. Yuck yuck yuck!!!
This is just a wider shot of the same road. Lincoln and Woodstock are both tiny. This is pretty much the main road!
Same road again...
It was so humid that a haze was hanging over the mountains. They are no less spectacular but I wish it was a little clearer.
Yep. That same road...

I just thought this flower was so pretty that I had to get a pic...
I took this using the macro setting on my DSLR. I am still learning my way around this camera.

My boys!

These next several pictures were taken from a scenic overlook on the Kanc...right before I got sick. I was starting to feel sick while I was still snapping pics so these may not be the greatest.

How cute is my baby?!? He was hot, but he had lots of water. He just enjoys being outside so much! He loves it up there!
My other baby!!! lol He was (is!) hot, too. Don't worry...I gave him plenty of water, also!

Close your eyes and picture this place ablaze in rich autumn colors!!! The oranges and ambers, yellows and golds, deep reds, and earthy browns. This is God's country people. Even if you are not usually the spiritual type there is probably nowhere on earth where one can achieve such a sense of peace and tranquility than in the mountains.

Gorgeous. Purely amazing.

The next time we get up there will be Columbus Day weekend. And we will be there for the weekend rather than just a day. Then I can share some amazing sights with you all!!! If we can make it up there sooner we certainly will. We love it there that much!

I love that I live in a place where I have access to both the mountains and the ocean so easily. I am blessed. Truly blessed.


Leann said...

Wow, the scenery is amazing. And you DH and baby are pretty darn cute too. So sorry that you got "it," what a bummer.

Columbus day isn't that far away in the scheme of things:)


thatdesigngal said...

Ah, what great pictures, thank you. I so can't wait for the leaves to change, I am just a big fan of all of the different colors. I am hoping that I can time it right with the engagement pictures...it would make for a great backdrop!

Glad you are back up on your feet!


Melissa Miller said...

I LOVE the scenic mountain views you had Kristen!
Your sweet doggie is just adorable as well.

~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Christa said...

I am so excited to see the fall colors!! We will do alot of exploring and it sounds like we will probably take this trip in the fall too:) I hope your feeling better!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Beautiful pictures!

Jingle said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. You did get some fantastic shots, though!

Jessica said...

LOVE the pretty pics!
I am glad you are feeling better.

You ARE lucky to have both so close to you.
I love living among the mountains while at school, but I must admit, I wouldn't mind the beach either ;)

New England Girl said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic trip! Although I'm sorry to hear you got sick!! :( That is such a bummer.

Aunt of 14 said...

My dream location... yes you heard me right, I dream about LOCATION, not a dream house or a dream car... but a location.... is somewhere where the ocean is on one side and the redwood forest is on the other. I'm sorry you were so sick on this trip, but next one will be better!!!

Connie Weiss said...

Looks like great fun....except for the sickness part!

marnie said...

As always, great pics Kristen! Sorry you weren't feeling good and the wonderful day trip had to be cut short.
Can't wait for Columbus Day Weekend...hoping by then the humidity will be history!!! :)

Alicia said...

cute pics!! i hope that you're feeling so much better!!

Cheryl said...

Oh, Kristen, you have no idea what this post does to me. I was born in NH and vacationed in the White Mts. at least once a year until I moved when I was 7. I haven't been back since, but I hope to one day. Your pictures totally warmed my heart. Thank you!!!