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Saturday, August 15, 2009


...for wonderful blog friends and happy mail!!!

Last week, Victoria from Whimsy by Victoria hosted a giveaway consisting of treasures from Imperfectly Beautiful, Amanda's perfectly delightful blog and Etsy shop, and I won!!!
My treasures arrived yesterday!!! I *heart* happy mail!!!

Thank you so much, Victoria and Amanda, for your generosity and for your wonderful blogs that are a bright spot in my day!!!

Here they are in my living room. The colors are perfect!!!

Two of my favorite things....family and home.


Alicia said...

those are SOOOOO cute! the blacks are amazing!

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Kristen...so happy they arrived!! They do look so great in your home!! I hope they bring a smile everytime you see them. Thank you for readers and friends like you...I adore you!! Hugs and love!!!


Dreamgirl said...

Those are really cute! Congratulations on your win!

Maybe it's the beginning of a winning-streak? I'm off to do the drawing at Sweeter Living. Good luck;)

Have a fabulous weekend!

marnie said...

They look great in your rooms, Kristen!! What a wonderful suprise!

New England Girl said...

Oh, these are absolutely delightful! What a lucky one you won! :) These look so cute in your home, too. Perfect! :)

Connie Weiss said...

That is so cute! Congrats on winning!

carma said...

Great prizes - and they have found such a happy home!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Kristen, I am so glad you like your little treasures! They look absolutely perfect against the beautiful wood tones in your home. You are a sweet heart.