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Sunday, August 09, 2009

What weekend?!

The way Bailey looks in this picture is pretty much how I am feeling right now! And it is only 4:30 in the afternoon! This weekend so did not end up the way I thought it would, for reasons beyond our control.

On Thursday my mother in law had surgery to repair a groin hernia. My mother in law is 75 years old and not in the greatest health so even surgeries that are considered routine are not really routine for her. They didn't end up doing the surgery till around 2:30 in the afternoon. She had not been able to eat or drink anything from 8PM the night before. After the surgery she was really nauseous and in a lot of pain. Still, they would only keep her in the hospital till 7PM. Can you imagine?! They put a time limit on it! My husband was with her as I had to work. Lucky for the hospital he was there and not me. He is MUCH more easygoing than I am and will just accept whatever they say. In any case, we brought her to our house because she really couldn't be alone. And I don't work on Fridays so at least I would be around all day to watch over her. She started feeling better on Friday after resting the whole day. At that point, though, we decided we would just have her stay the weekend at our house. 

Saturday morning when she woke she was hungry and wanted to shower. After her shower Kevin got her some breakfast downstairs then came back upstairs to finish getting ready. We were in our bedroom when we heard a loud thud. Kevin ran to the stairs to find his Mom face down on the kitchen floor! He flew downstairs as I called 911. She was briefly unresponsive but then thank God she started talking even if it was a bit incoherent. I'll tell ya, city and suburb living may have some drawbacks but there is nothing like the comfort in seeing the EMTs and police and fire show up a mere 3 minutes after you call!

Long story short, they brought her to the ER where my poor husband ended up spending the entire day while I kind of ran around back and forth. They did all kinds of tests (she has heart issues) and admitted her for the night. She is home here with us now again with a portable heart monitor that she will wear for the next 24 hours. They still don't know what caused her to faint. It could have been that the pain killers they gave her after the surgery were just too much for her. 

So, needless to say this hasn't been the weekend I planned for it to be. They usually never are so I should probably just stop planning things and just do whatever! This was the first weekend in several weeks where the weather was perfect so I really wanted to do some pre-fall type stuff, get out and take some pictures, take some rides to places we love. Nope, didn't happen. But what can you do. Nothing....nothing!....comes before my family. Though I will admit to sometimes feeling a bit resentful. I am the only daughter and the only daughter-in-law and I feel like everything falls to me. Add to the fact that we don't have kids so everyone just thinks we are always free...sometimes it really sucks! And I feel so guilty thinking that. :(

Oh yeah, not only am I babysitting my mother-in-law, my brother will be dropping off my nephew any time now. Welcome to the DeSimone's Jr/Sr Daycare...

Anyway, since I couldn't get out and about to take photos of new stuff, I did manage to get up to the orchard to snap a few quick shots of the budding apple trees!

And what would one of my posts be without more pictures of my garden!!!

It struck me that I have a very phallic garden. Is there something to that?

Oh! And I facilitated flower sex again today. Bow chicka bow wow! Just call me the Zucchini Madam! 

A lot of these yummy tomatoes and jalapenos and banana peppers ended up in a most fabulous salsa that I made yesterday. And since we really haven't been able to cook a meal this weekend we have been pretty much living off it!

Can I just say, for those of you that cook, if you don't have a food processor, GET ONE! I have the Cuisinart and let me tell you I could NOT cook without it! That and my KitchenAide mixer are all I need. Having that food processor made the process of making the salsa so freakin simple! Everything...I mean EVERYTHING...just got tossed in that baby and in less than a minute we had garden fresh salsa! 

My pumpkin! Growing bigger every day! I swear when I see that first hint of it turning orange you will hear me scream wherever you are!

We have had a lot of zucchini....a lot! One tiny plant is producing like crazy. I got sick of all the healthy ways to make zucchini so today, when I actually had a couple hours to myself, I made a Chocolate Zucchini Cake. Kevin and little Jonathan will enjoy it! It smelled amazing while it was baking. And I am making a chocolate cream cheese frosting to go on top. I deserve some chocolate right now...

One thing I am happy about is I have tomorrow off. Normally I work Mon - Thurs but I need to be in the office this coming Friday so I get tomorrow off instead. Kevin is on vacation so it will be nice to both have the same day off. Then I am taking a few days off next week since he will still be on vacation (Kevin gets about 5 weeks vaca per year plus all these other personal days...nice.). So I am hoping...hoping!...we can get out and do some fun stuff,  just us and Bailey. I love our family but I just really want some us time.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, wherever you are!


thatdesigngal said...

Hey there, I feel ya. I was awaken this morning by my brother calling saying that they were taking Grandma to the hospital again (she just got out a couple of days ago from a 5 day visit) because they thought that she had another stroke or heart attack. Mom, Dad and brother torn up on the phone so Chris and I shot out of bed rush packing and then packing for a funeral. Crap. Kind of a sharp realization that my Grandma is never going to be the same again. It was weird prep packing for my Grandma's funeral. Thankfully she is okay at the moment, they are still running some tests.

I will pray for your MIL and hope that she bounces back with full vigor! I know it's hard. Hang in there!

Hehe phallic gardens! Love it!

Hope you enjoy your evening!

Christa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mother in law:( I am glad she is doing better but how scary!!

I can't wait to see your pumpkin turn orange too..I am sure I will hear you screaming..LOL

It is so funny!! You need to stop copying me girl! Kevin took tomorrow off for vacation also and I don't have a job yet so we both have the day off...LOL Kevin is taking me on our date for lunch at the "Top of the Hub" and we might be doing the Fenway Park Tour...:) Just spend the day together before my stressful dentist appointment on Thursday...:(

Amy said...

Hang in there! Parental care is emotionally draining, I know...but also rewarding. Hugs, Amy

Kathleen said...

I have taken my Mom to the hospital a few times, and it is draining. A lot of wait and see. I, too, am looking forward to fall. It is my favorite season. Be patient, you'll have some "me & Husband & dog" time. Hugs, Kathleen

Aunt of 14 said...

I so hope your MIL is doing a lot better today. You're such a sweet DIL!

I love Bailey's face. Pictures never do it justice, does it?

When do you think your pumpkin will turn orange? :)

carma said...

Sorry to hear about your stressful weekend. Hoping your MIL is doing better. It is always scary when old folks fall like that!! Hang in there :-)