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Friday, September 04, 2009

Pretty paper flowers!

And pretty Mom making silly faces!!!

Our class was really fun last night!!! These are the two flowers I managed to finish. Sometimes, in classes, I tend to, uh, socialize and chat more than I actually make stuff! Then I scramble as we get closer to the end to at least get something done! No worries though. I don't go to class to come home with display worthy stuff. I go to learn techniques that I then bring home and put my own twist on them! These grungepaper flowers are so much fun to make and really easy. They just take a bit of time. And these are just one style...there are so many variations you can come up with using different punches, die cuts, stamps, etc. I think what I am actually going to do (at some point) is have Kevin videotape me making these and I will go through them step-by-step. I would love to share the process with everyone and a video seems to be the best way to go! Just please don't be anxiously waiting for it to happen right away...procrastination is my middle name!

I did at least make it a point to do make the two flowers I did manage to finish in autumn-y colors!!! 

Happy Friday everyone! Do something creative today!


Christa said...

Those are beautiful!! I want to learn how to do it:):) Then when I go home for Christmas I can show my mom:)

thatdesigngal said...

Oh my gosh, those are fantastic!! I would so love to see a video, those would be great on my bags! (don't worry, procrastination is my middle name too!)

We close on the house 10/30 and then I am spending the first two week of Nov painting while Chris is out of town and then the plan is to move in Nov 16! Can't wait, I'm like scratching at the walls to get out of this apt!!

Have an absolutely fantastic weekend!!!! :-)

Alicia said...

oh my gosh i love them!!! they would look so awesome on gifts!!

Carol said...

Those are totally cool! I can't wait until you post a video...I wanna learn! Beautiful! I so wished we lived closer!

carma said...

Wow! they came out well; If I was there I'd give you a pat on the back :-)

Mary said...

Popping over from SITS to visit and say hello.

Oh wow, those are really cool! My Mama always made faces at the camera too.

I need to get more in touch with my inner crafter.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Terri and Bob said...

Can't you see those in christmas colors??? On a present????

My mom makes faces at the camera too unless we tell her not to!

Kathleen said...

I love the flowers, and will be interested to see how to make them. I was creative today! I took old bottles, and made Halloween fun bottles...I'll have pics soon on my blog. Hope your week-end is great, thanks for all your sweet words! hugs, Kathleen

Connie Weiss said...

Those are adorable! Yes! Please make a video!

Jenny said...

Make a video! These are totally, totally neat! You are very talented!