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Friday, October 16, 2009

BIG news for my favorite little guy!!!!!!

Jonathan lost his first tooth!!!!!!!
He lost it on Wednesday, October 14!!!
(you know this was recorded in the fall journal!)

Isn't he just THE cutest little guy EVAAA!!!

He couldn't wait to call his YiaYia and Papou and then his Uncle Kevin and Auntie!!! And he was so proud of himself! He said he didn't cry at all, like the brave boy he is!

He even said he is looking forward to more of his teeth coming out!!!

But...I got a bit of a bone to pick with that Tooth Fairy chick.
HE GOT $10!!!!
I know there has been inflation and all since the 70's but c'mon!!!

Would it be totally cheesy for me to hit up my 6 year old nephew for a loan?! ;-)


Christa said...

Awwww:) That is such a big deal....I miss Bradley's baby teeth...but it is so cute when they start losing them...$10 is alot of money for a tooth! LOL...I only got 50 cents!! LOL

Terri and Bob said...

The first tooth is always worth the most!

I usually got a quarter, but then a quarter could actually buy a candy bar back then!

Amy said...

Adorable! I love seeing little snaggle toothed kiddos!