"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Sunday, October 11, 2009


That is how I felt this weekend. It was a very good weekend, though low-key. Obviously I am in such a good mood due to the miracle news we received about my Mom! So I think I would have enjoyed anything we did, no matter how lame!

Friday Kevin was off with me. I love days like that! Actually he had taken the day off because we were supposed to be up in the White Mountains the entire weekend. But when my Mom's surgery was scheduled for that day we decided to cancel the trip. We just didn't want to be two hours from home. we could have scrambled and gone last minute when everything worked out with my Mom but there was so much we could get done at home, too, that we decided to stay put. We just did a few things in the morning then had a relaxing stay-at-home day together!

On Saturday we headed out in the morning and didn't come home for good till after 6! It was a long day filled with errands, most of them blah, but like I said, I was enjoying everything simply because of my good mood! We went grocery shopping, something I usually loathe, which is why Kevin usually does it but we just wanted to be together. And we had some research to do. It is time to get serious about really reading the labels on everything we buy and buying the healthiest, freshest foods possible......which by the way, cost a ridiculous amount of money (I think we spent almost double what we usually spend) but it is so worth it! We brought the groceries home and had ourselves a quick, healthy lunch and picked up Bailey. He loves to be out with us, especially in the car, so we decided to take him on the rest of our errands. Then we went to hang out with my Mom for a while. Her friend Joann was there visiting, too. After we left there it was on to a few more stops I wanted to make, then we picked up what will probably be the last take-out we get for a long time for supper, then finally home! Like I said, long day, tiring, but so wonderful!

This morning it was up bright and early again because we wanted to get to Brooksby Farm before the crowds. We attempted to make that one of our stops yesterday but by the afternoon the place was jam packed. I have slacked off in the area of pumpkin buying, but I wasn't willing to tolerate a bunch of screaming, screeching kids to get them. I knew if we went early this morning we would practically have the place to ourselves, and we did! I even got to shop around the store a bit to pick up a few fun things for my partner in our annual GLU Stocking Swap! I took a bunch of pics, too, that I put in a slideshow that I will post separately. Then it was on to a quick stop at AC Moore for a few things I needed to complete my ornaments for our annual GLU Ornament Swap, and we have been home since. I have been doing laundry and I have a pot of homemade sauce simmering on the stove (which we will eat over whole-grain pasta, of course) and I am going to make a batch of healthy pumpkin muffins. Kevin cleaned up the yard a bit while I cleaned up in here. Now he and Bailey are sacked out on the couch watching the Sox (I will join them at 4 when the Patriots come on!).

I think it is time to throw in another load. Why oh why does the laundry seem neverending?!? There are only two of us and a dog here!!!


Staci said...

I love it when I actually get that Domestic Goddess feeling - its when I don't actually mind doing housework, I kinda enjoy it.

Today I had an extra surge of it - I've done a gazillion loads of laundry, washed windows, swept behind and underneath sofas, washed dishes, removed and scrubbed the filters and crap collectors on the vacuum cleaner, cleaned out closets, and rearranged some furniture.

marnie said...

Isn't it awful how much it costs to eat healthy?! I'm proud of you for making this change..it'll be worth it.
I think of my Uncle Bud who's mantra was, "It's the little things in life that make it." Man, was he ever right!!!
Enjoy your Sunday!!

Christa said...

I hear ya on the laundry...its just me and Kevin and I feel like I am constantly doing laundry! Sounds like you had a great relaxing and busy weekend:) Sorry about your trip being canceled...:(

thatdesigngal said...

I hear ya about healthy food. It is obnoxious how much it costs. Grrr. You try and do the right thing, and you have to pay dearly for it...

New England Girl said...

What a lovely, low-key weekend. :) Once again, I am SO happy to hear about the news pertaining to your Mom; it's so wonderful to get such positive and encouraging news, and to not need surgery! I am glad you got to have an easy weekend at home to destress all of the tension that must have built up! Hope you have a wonderful week as well. :)

carma said...

Only three of us here - and the hamper is never empty. It is one big vicious cycle!

Connie Weiss said...

I love that domestic feeling...I don't get it very often anymore because of the kids...but It'll be back someday.

Great news about your Mom!