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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Happy trees!

Just sharing a few shots of the trees outside my door! The colors are getting there. We should be at peak within the next couple weeks. It always amazes me how the colors seem to start showing slowly, slowly, slowly, the it seems all of a sudden BAM!!! It is a color explosion!

This awkward looking tree is in my side yard. It just has those patches of red here and there. It is super windy today. I hope the wind doesn't knock all the leaves down before they have a chance to really show off!

This is also in my side yard heading toward the back. We border wetlands so there are tons of trees behind  us. That little corner of a building in the foreground of the photo is our shed. It is painted to match our home!

These are across the street from us. That is three trees there and they kind of go up in size starting on the right with the smallest. I always thought it kind of interesting. The one furthest to the right always seems to change first.

This is the awkward tree from my side yard again. I panned out so you could see the pine tree that is next to it. That pine tree looks awesome when it is covered in fresh snow!

Maybe on Friday I can get out in to my yard with my dslr and take better pictures. If anything it will help to keep my mind off things as Friday is the day my Mom has her surgery. If I may ask of all of you, whether you are the praying type or the thinking good thoughts type or the sending warm fuzzies type, whatever, if you could do it for my Mom I would be so so so very grateful. I am beside myself over this and just knowing there are so many loving, wonderful people pulling for her will make things a bit easier!
Thank you and much love!!! xoxo


New England Girl said...

Gorgeous colors! :) I just love the hues that present themselves. It goes by way too quickly though. :(

Christa said...

Pretty pictures!! Our trees here are really starting to change too:)

I will be praying and thinking of your Mom on Friday...she is such a sweetheart! If you need to talk I will be home:)

Anonymous said...

I love the trees now...especially when the clouds are gray--but there's a splash of sunlight that glows on them. How vivid they look!!

Hoping your Mom's surgery is successful and she'll be on her way to full recovery.

thatdesigngal said...

Oh no, it needs to hold off for another month! We are getting our engagement pictures Nov 6, and I'm praying I can get some great colors. Fingers crossed!

Staci said...

I love your happy trees! What a beautiful sight to behold and in your own neighborhood.

I won't get any here - but I do have pines and I love the smell of the wind thru the pines.