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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The power of love and prayer!!!!!!

(Some of you may have already read this in the email I sent out, but I have many people to contact so I am taking the quick route and copying and pasting it here for all of my beloved bloggy friends!!!)

I have GREAT news about my Mom! All I can say is God works in very mysterious ways!!!!! And God is so GOOD!!!! And you are all amazing and appreciated and much loved!!!

My Dad just called me after he talked to my Mom's doctor. They did the catheterization today to determine if there were blockages. This would determine how tomorrow's surgery would have been performed. When they did the procedure not only were there no blockages whatsoever the valve that they thought was narrowing is actually wide open!!! She does not need to have the surgery tomorrow, and in fact the doctor told my Dad he can bring her home around 9PM tonight!!!!!!! The doctor explained to my Dad that when her last endocardiogram was done it appeared the valve was narrowing. I honestly don't know if it was read incorrectly or it just wasn't a clear picture or what. All I know is that this procedure today showed my Mom has a very healthy heart!!!!!

As for her energy levels, the doctor feels that the biggest thing right now is weight, something our entire family is battling. And I can tell you right now we will be battling a lot harder, all of us, as a family! I am determined that none of us go through something like this. We are turning over a new leaf, together! This news today was a gift form God that we are not going to squander!!!


Aunt of 14 said...

I got your email!! I couldnt respond because I was at work (still am) YAYYYYYYYYYOOOOO about your mom! I am so happy!! That really says something about the power of prayer doesnt it? And it makes you wonder how they made that mistake to begin with, I mean, your mom wouldve gone under the knife for nothing if she didnt have that appt today!! That gives me shivers. I am so glad she won't need this surgery! :)

Christa said...

SOOOOO happy your Mom doesn't have to have surgery!! I bet that takes the world off all of your shoulders especially your Mom's...:) Hugs to you all!

Staci said...

God is Good!!!!

I am so happy to hear that mama doesn't have to go through with the surgery! What a blessing!

Tell mama that I love and miss her!
Hug her neck nice and tight for me.

New England Girl said...

Just got your email so popped on over here right after....

BIG THUMBS UP! Double, even :)

I am SO thrilled for you, your mother and your whole family. This is truly wonderful news. It shows the power of prayer and positive thinking really does pay off. Good luck on your future journey of taking your weight and health into your hands as a family -- together you can all achieve ANYTHING!

And we'll all be here to back you up along the way. :)


Terri and Bob said...

This is simply too wonderful for words. I am going to just sit here and smile.

Jenny said...

Kristen, thanks for the e-mail updates today. If you think she'd enjoy a card or two please send me her address! Have a restful nights sleep. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome!!!

Leann said...

Ask and yea shall receive. Amen!

KPierce said...

WOOHOO WOOHOO! Ah, thank God, that is SOOOOOOOOOOOO wonderful! God is good, that is for sure!

I am so happy to hear that awesome news! Thanks for the update!

Have a wonderful evening with your family!


thatdesigngal said...

Hey there, sorry about that. KPierce is my sis-in-law, so if you were wondering about where that last comment came from... lol

please feel free to reject this comment, just wanted to give you the explanation. :-)

Monica said...

Kristen, I'm loving this news! I had tears in my eyes reading your email! Give your mom a big hug from Italy!

carma said...

Phew!! This is fantastic news :D

Anonymous said...

I just love to come read this over and over again!