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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday stuff...

Tonight is Kevin's 40th birthday party!!! I am so excited to see our family and friends!!! Everything is done, and most of the stuff is already at my parent's house (where we are having the party). All we have to do is pick up the cake and the food later. I ordered a sheet cake designed to look like a golf course from a local bakery that makes such gooooodddd cakes and pastries! I hope he likes it! And our neighbor is making her homemade cannolis, which Kevin loves! He should be in heaven!

This is our menu for the party:
~* Spanakopita (homemade by my brother! He makes it AWESOME!)
~* Chips and dip
~* Cold cut platter (roast beef, turkey, salami, capicola, mortadella, swiss cheese, provolone)
~* Sausages, peppers, and onions
~* Chicken, brocolli, & ziti
~* Stuffed Shells
~* Meatballs
~* Antipasti
~* Birthday cake
~* Cannolis
~* Brownies & cookies

And, Carma, you'll be so proud ... a jug of Utz Cheeseballs!!! :-)

We've got lots of beer, wine, and soda! Yeah, we are gonna have way too much, as always, but the local place we got the food from is soooo good we won't mind having leftovers! Tomorrow is football day, after all!


This morning my Mom, MIL, and I went to our favorite little craft fair. I so love this! But, it is pouring rain here today so it kinda kills the fall atmosphere. Last year, the craft fair was THE perfect, quintessentially fall day: sunny, blue skies, crisp, blustery, leaves swirling ... just perfect! We still enjoyed it though! And I know exactly where each of my favorites will be. And I got what I wanted! I can't share here, though, because most of it is gifts!


So now we are just hanging out, relaxing a bit, resting up for a fun night! I will probably start geting ready around 2:30 or so because I plan on getting to my Mom and Dad's early to set up.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!


Christa said...

Wow! Looks like alot of fun! We are excited to meet your family and friends! And you weren't kidding when you said you were going to have good food!! Kevin and I have never had cannolis before so we will experience more new stuff tonight! :) See you soon!:)

New England Girl said...

Have a wonderful time tonight! That menu looks amazing! I hear ya about the craft fair, too... Ours is still going on, but with the rain, I have failed to venture out of the house just yet. I'm hoping I get down there before the hour/fair is up! If not, I'm just going to say it was an epic rain fail and hope for better luck next year.
I can't wait to hear how things go tonight!! I'm so jealous about the Spanakopita... I had it every single morning for breakfast when I was on Paxos, Greece a few years back and I LOVED it. Send some out this way, please? :)

Carol said...

Have fun and many birthday wishes to Kevin! Welcome, to the other side of the hill! LOL

Jenny said...

Love spanakopita. Your menu sounds fabulous. And Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Tanya said...

Sounds like a great night!!! Happy Birthday Kevin!

Connie Weiss said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Now I'm starving....

Staci said...

Sweet Mama! That list of food is making my mouth water and my stomach growl!

carma said...

I've been so consumed with all things Renaissance that I am waaaaay behind in my blog reading and therefore missed your party list, which includes UTZ!! I hope Kevin had a fantastic day :D and got to nosh on plenty of cheese balls. Ahhhh...what a perfect birthday!