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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two days...

I am always in awe of nature. The beauty, the power, the serenity. 

I love trees. I love them in spring when the first buds are starting to appear. I love them in summer when they are full and lush and green. I even love them in winter, bare and ethereal against the stark cold backdrop. But no time of the year are trees more spectacular than autumn. As they make their transition from deep green to their brilliant autumnal finery I am awestruck at how different they look from day to day.

These three trees are right across the street from my home. I love these trees. I love how they go from tall to medium to small, their tops almost forming an off-kilter arc. And I am always fascinated how, every year, as fall trudges on, these trees change color, gradually, from right to left. The smallest of the three always seems to change first while the tallest stays green the longest. They are an enigma.

I was particularly struck by the dramatic change in these three trees over the course of just two days...
I took the picture above just this past Friday. Two short days ago.

I took this picture today ... Sunday. Two days.

I will always be in awe of the power of nature.


Terri and Bob said...

Whoa, that is amazing. Thanks for capturing it for us~

Christa said...

Wow! I am so obsessed with the fall colors!!

marnie said...

Isn't Mother Nature amazing? Great pics!!!

Cheryl said...

I was just looking at the tree out my window today, wishing I had taken a pic of it yesterday b/c I swear it changed overnight! So neat that you got those pics.