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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Flag Football!

Little Jonathan is turning in to quite the sports fanatic! I guess it was pretty much inevitable being that his Dad, his grandfather and his uncle live and breathe sports! This has been a year of firsts in sports for the little guy. This past spring he played his first year of tball and now this fall he has been playing flag football. It is so much fun to watch him learn and grow. And he just enjoys himself so much!

Yesterday was a great Saturday! Flag football in the morning, lunch and shopping in the afternoon, and Halloween that night! This post is just some highlights from the morning ... it is all about football!!! And it was a great morning for a game ... the quintessential fall morning. Blustery, leaves crunching under foot, steaming hot coffee, and happy kids playing football. Other than the few words I had with some bitchy woman at the game (more on this later...) it was a great morning. Here are some highlights, in pictures ...

In between plays. The kids aren't fans of their mouthpieces, but they are necessary.
This kids just melts my heart! He gets so in to the game!
It cracks me up seeing them with those mouthpieces!!!
Jonathan's team is the Bills. All of the teams in the league are named after NFL teams, without the city included. So it is just the Bills, the Dolphins, the Patriots, etc.
There were times when it just looked like one big cluster of mass confusion out there! It was so funny! I mean, these kids are only 6 years old after all!
Bailey loves to come to the park with us! His coloring looks so nice against the leaves.
He just sits intently and watches the action around him! Such a good boy!
Here he is getting attention from my sister-in-law.
There is my favorite little guy running with the ball!!!
And after the game with his favorite uncle!!!

Now I am getting on my soap box for a minute...

Yeah, so about the words I had with that woman at the game. I don't like confrontation, but I will also not back down when being confronted. Kevin and I were sitting on a bench with Bailey in front of us. This woman and her daughter, who was maybe 7 or 8 walked by. They set up their chairs right near us. I guess her kid is on the same team as my nephew. A minute later Bailey is chewing something he picked up off the ground. Now, he is a dog and dogs will put almost anything in their mouths. I get that. We are used to prying his jaws open and pulling stuff out, which we did. It was some white thing. Then I noticed more of whatever it was on the ground near us and kicked it away as best I could, not really wanting to touch it. This woman overheard us and tells us they are just yogurt raisins. Fine. Raisins are dangerous for dogs though so we tried to get them away from where we were. She gets up in a huff, scoops up some of them and scatters a few away, glares at us, and drops them in the trash can which was just a few feet from us. I tried to explain to her that raisins are dangerous for dogs which is why we were trying to get them away from him. She glares at us and then says "well, there, are you happy now?" And of course now the Greek in me is boiling up and I was like "excuse me???" She then proceeds to tell me that just because I have a dog here her daughter is not going to stop eating her snack. Um, no shit! So I asked her then if her daughter is eating the raisins why are they all over the ground. The kid pipes up that she didn't want them. And again the mother starts ranting about how her kid is more important than my dog (maybe to her..) so I just said to her maybe she should teach her kid not to litter, especially when there is a trash can two feet away! She didn't like that and stormed off. Too bad! 

I love kids, I do. What I don't love is these freakin parents who think their kids are perfect, because, I got news for ya, they are NOT! I have yet to meet a perfect kid!!! And yes, even your kid is a brat sometimes. And your world may revolve around your kid, but my world, and everyone else's, does not! And there is nothing wrong with teaching them to do the right thing!!!

OK. I am off my soapbox now!


Connie Weiss said...

That football games looks like so much fun!

I would have said the same thing to that woman. She was out of line!

marnie said...

I just had to delete my first response as this is a MAJOR peeve of mine. I am just going to agree and say you handled yourself with dignity and respect. Something that woman (and most other parents) don't do.

Looks like Jonathan had a great time at football. Love it!!!

Christa said...

Cute pictures of Jonathan! I bet Kevin is really happy he is so into sports!!

I would have done the same thing that you did..how dare she think its ok to let her daughter litter and get so snippy about it...dogs are our children and I wouldn't throw poison on the ground and risk a child eating it...geez!!

Ms Bibi said...

Your nephew is such a cutie and he seems like he's really enjoying the football.

Good for you standing up to that woman. Eating lunch is one thing and spreading it around is totally different. If that was my kid he would have to pick every piece up and apologize, no kidding. I can't stand moms like that and being a hockey and soccer mom I see it a lot.

thatdesigngal said...

Wow, she thinks that she and her daughter are just da'bomb. Well, guess what sweetheart....

(Hey Bailey, can't wait for you to come and visit my blog!!) ;-)

Monica said...

Amen, sista!!!

I LOVE the pictures. But poor Jonathon with that GIANT mouth piece in his tiny little mouth! lol He is adorable!

Sandy said...

You are absolutely correct about dogs and raisins. Sounds like the woman overreacted a bit....no? You gotta love a beagle, they are so calm and so loyal.