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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Easy and Yummy...

It's holiday baking time!!! At this time of year, what's not to love about a cookie that is both super easy to make and delightfully yummy to eat?!

Well, that is what I am going to share with you today! I have no idea what to call these. Several of my friends make them, too, and no one really calls them anything...except sinfully delish!!!

Here is what you need:
~* A mini muffin tin
~* Mini cupcake papers
~* Chocolate chip cookie dough (homemade, or if you are in a hurry you can use store bought)
~* Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

You simply line the muffin tin with the papers. If you are using the mini break apart pre-made dough you fill each paper with 1 1/2 squares of dough, or just about enough to fill the paper. If using homemade dough, just eyeball it.

Bake at 350* for about 10 minutes. When they first come out of the oven they will look all puffed up but will start to sink in the middle after a minute or two.

After they have cooled a bit but while they are still warm, press a peanut butter cup in the middle of each cookie. When they are cooled completely the peanut butter cup will have adhered to the cookie that is wrapped around it!

Sooooo yummy with a cold glass of milk!!! Enjoy!!!


Kerri said...

Those look yummy! AND super easy... I LOVE that! Have a Merry Christmas!
Stopping by from SITS

Staci Lynn said...

I can attest to the sinfully deliciousness of those whachamacallits - I had the honor of Kristen baking them for me!

Jenny said...

These look delicious! Yum, yum!

marnie said...

Again...just when I thought I was done with baking. :) Thanks for sharing!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

yummy, this is my favorite part about the holidays!

Alicia said...

OH MY GOSH!!! i had no clue they were that easy!! i am so making those for my kids!!!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY!!! How about calling them molten pb cups?

p.s. I'm happy to share my Christmas future with you! We can have an Oceans 14 with the guys.

Leann said...

They sound wonderful! Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas my friend!


carma said...

Peanut butter cups!! You're talkin' my language :D Those look positively delicious

Does the German place near you have a website?

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Even I could handle these if I cook them at the right temperature.

Stopping by from SITS!

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Kristen, Merry Christmas!!You asked how to hold up the garland on the mantle... I put tiny nails in the very backs of the mantles close to the wall and tied fishing line around the garlands and wrapped the fishing line around the nail. Does that make sense?? That's the only way some of them will stay up. The nail hole is so little it doesn't show when you take the garland down. Hope this helps!! Have a wonderful Christmas eve! Kristen

Terri and Bob said...

Wow! Those look awesome!

Kristin said...

Genius. Sheer genius!