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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My world is white...

We got our first major Nor'easter of the Christmas season last night in to this morning and now my world is blanketed in white. Cold white! Much of the East Coast from Virginia up through Massachusetts got varying amounts of snow. Here where I am north of Boston we have close to a foot. But it is the light fluffy snow so it is not too bad. The southern parts of MA got close to two feet! Tis' the season!!!

Here are just a few shots taken from my front door ... because I have no desire whatsoever to get out of my pajamas today!!!

These were taken a few hours ago. It continued to snow and is just now winding down. I can hear my neighbor's snowblowers firing up all over the street. Kevin just bundled up and headed out, too. This light fluffy stuff is easy to move, though. The only drawback is it drifts, and it is windy. Like I said, I will stick with pajamas and a warm house!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

It is pretty, isn't it? I'm loving the chance to relax and enjoy being home before all the craziness starts mid-week!!

marnie said...

I'm with you...staying inside enjoying my warm home and cozy pj's!
Are those your new wheels or Kevin's? :)
Everything looks so beautiful in it's new coat of white.

Terri and Bob said...

Great looking car!

We got a dusting of snow. Yours looks a lot more fuN!

Amy said...

I'm SO jealous!!!!

New England Girl said...

Girl, I am SO bummed... we didn't get ANYTHING! I was so sad when I woke up in the morning, completely expecting a layer of new, fluffy snow, and there was Nothin'! Your photo make everything look so gorgeous. I'm hoping we get another storm sometime this week - or even just a couple of inches - so we can be guaranteed a total white christmas, too. :) Thanks for sharing these though... Oh, and THANK YOU for the Christmas card!!! I still haven't sent mine out [oops] so I'm thinking they might be more along the lines of New Year cards. ;) xoxoxox!