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Friday, January 15, 2010

Everywhere & messy...

Like my stylin' new 'do?!?
Pretty hot, huh?!?
OK, OK, this is actually what it looks like! Pretty much the same as always, just a tiny bit shorter. Like maybe an inch shorter, if that. But it needed it. And there is nothing like a morning at the salon to make one feel good!
I swear I am really not so conceited that I take loads of pictures of myself each day. I just don't have much else right now, and posts without pictures are boring.
It is just one of those random kinds of days. Spent the morning at the salon, then had to visit the hell that is (or I thought it would be) the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles. My license expires next week on my birthday. In MA, we can re-new our license online every other time it is up for renewal, so I did it online five years ago. I tried to get away with doing that this time but the picture on file was more than nine years old so I had no choice but to go to the Registry in person. I was dreading it, for sure. But it turned out to be not all that bad. The people working there have no personality whatsoever, but I was in and out within 15 minutes!
My picture sucks...but at least I have fabulous hair!!! :-)
So, what else? Oh! Don't forget my new blog that will be devoted to my Project 365 will go live next Friday, January 22, my 39th birthday! I will be posting a photo a day for 365 days, culminating on January 22, 2011, the day I turn the big 4-0!!!
There's my sweet little nephew!!! Isn't he just THE cutest little guy ever!!! He slept over our house last week and we had such a blast with him!!!
He, of course, brought his guitar! That is Jonathan's and Auntie's Guitar Hero guitars resting from the monster set we had just played!!!

I really wish I had a more interesting post for all of you. It is like I have lots of thoughts of things to share but can't seem to bring those thoughts together cohesively so that I can share! But I won't worry...I know it just a little creative block. It happens. I get over it.

Then I don't shut up!!! ;-)

(if you are on Facebook you will get the title of this post...if not, well...)


Leann said...

You look maaahhhvalos daaahling! And Happy Pre-Birthday! Enjoy and eat lots of cake and ice cream!!!


Christa said...

Love the hair!! :) And the pictures...:) See you tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

your hair is gorgeous!! Lookin good mama!

Kathleen said...

Your hair looks great. I think they hire all those employees for DMV from the same place.....they all behave the same (LOL) I still can't believe you will be 39...you look like you are in your early 30's. How do you do it, my dear? Share your beauty secrets, please. Hugs, Kathlen

New England Girl said...

Your hair looks SO fantastic, lady! :) Absolutely beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, you look marvelous! Happy early birthday!

Terri and Bob said...

Love your hair. Maybe I need something new done to mine!

Jenny said...

Love your shiny hair and that beautiful smile!