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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just 2 more days!!!

Just two more days till two big events happen around here!!!

First, my Project 365 blog, 365 Daze to 40, goes live! The blog is all set up and ready for you all to check it out. I would love it if you would follow me on this journey!

And, that same day, January 22, is my b*i*r*t*h*d*a*y!!!!!!! Yes, I shamelessly promote my birthday!!! Always have! You should hear what my poor family has to go through! I can't help it...I have always loved my birthday!!!

(Yes, I am just like a little kid...)


Ms Bibi said...

I turned 40 last summer, but I get to have a redo since 2009 was awful year for us. Being 40 ROCKS! I hope you will have a huge party at the end...you deserve it.

Christa said...

I love birthdays too:) Can't wait to follow your project! :) I know you will take some amazing pictures!

BonnieRose said...

I can't wait bday sistah!! big hugs... bonnierose...

Leann said...

Well know that election is over, maybe the news crews will promote your b-day:)


Beth P. said...

If you don't promote your birthday who would?! Lol. A little shameless self-promotion never hurt anybody ;-)

Connie Weiss said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!

marnie said...

Birthdays are our very special days. You promote yours any way you want!! ;)

Happy Birthday, Kristen. May this year be the best one yet!!!


Lynne said...

Happy Birthday Girly Girl!
I hope Kevin has somethin up his sleeve for you! :) Wishing you a fantabulous day!!

Oh! And I so am gonna check out your new project!

Lynne from GLU

Ace said...

Popping over from Christa's blog... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Aunt of 14 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kristen!!! :) :) :)