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Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Valentine's Day...

~* flowers from my sweetie *~

February 14. Valentine's Day. A silly holiday, really. I have never been all that big on V-Day. Sure, the hubs and I give each other cards, and he did surprise me at work the other day with this gorgeous bouquet. I happened to be having a really craptastical day at work so these were definitely a welcome surprise. But all in all it is such a "Hallmark Holiday." I don't need an excuse to show my love for hubs, and he doesn't either. But we play along and make it fun. We had breakfast this morning at our favorite little place. I am making him his favorite Whoopie Pies today. So, I got flowers, he gets Whoopie Pies, it's all good!!!

I think the thing about this day that bugs me the most is how bad it can make some people feel. There is such an emphasis on being a couple. That leaves out a whole lot of people. :(

So, screw that!!! Who says you have to be one half of a couple to have someone to call your Valentine?!
Anyone can be your Valentine! Like....
* your child, nephew or niece, or a friend's child
* your Mom or Dad
* your favorite sibling
* a beloved grandparent, uncle or aunt
* your best friend
* a treasured neighbor
* a person that has made a difference in your life

There are lots of fun ways to mark the day, too! Like...
* Be a kid again! Take your favorite little buddy to a pottery studio to paint a mug or dish or vase. You can help them paint on little hearts!
* Have a spa day with your Mom! Or treat your Dad to a day of bowling or a favorite sporting event!
* If you have a sister, head out on an all-day shopping spree. If you have a brother, maybe hit a nearby ski slope with him. Or act like kids again and go tubing!
* Treat your grandparents to afternoon tea at a local hotel. Go all out and get dressed up. And don't forget a corsage for Grandma and boutounnier for Grandpa!
* Get together with your best friend, or a bunch of your best friends, for a wild and crazy girls night out!
* Bake up a yummy treat for a treasured neighbor, or for a few of them! Something chocolate-y, of course! Package it up really pretty and deliver it in person with a sweet note about how much you value their friendship!
* Never underestimate the power of a hand-written note or card. Take the time to write to a person that has made a difference in your life (perhaps a teacher, a mentor, someone in your community).

If you are feeling mushy and lovey-dovey with your honey, but don't want to deal with the crowds at restaurants, there is lots you can do at home. Yes, you can do that, of course, but do other stuff first! 
* His and her massages. Warm up some lavender essential oil and gently knead the stresses of the work week away.
* A romantic movie marathon. You could go the dramatic, tear-jerker route (think along the lines of Bridges of Madison County), historical (think somethings Jane Austen-y), or if you are like us, total cheeseballs that we are, go for romantic comedies! Don't forget the hot buttery popcorn!
* A living room picnic in front of the fireplace! Spread out a soft blanket. Cook up some of your favorite appetizer-ish foods (eating with your hands is a must!). Chill a favorite bottle of wine or champagne.
* Don't forget dessert. Something sweet, ooey-gooey, and chocolate-y!

Whatever you choose to do today, celebrate or not, V-Day enthusiast or totally anti V-Day, do it to the fullest and HAVE FUN!!!


Christa said...

Loved this post!! I never really believed that one day is for showing your love to your spouse...you should show it every day...however is nice to get something:) And the pictures are so pretty!! Love the last one....I love close up flower pictures!!

~Shelley~ said...

Beautiful flowers!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!! ♥


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Such a Hallmark holiday, for sure! Steve and I don't do it. I get whatever I want and I'd rather he get me something without being told he should. It means more then.

Happy Valentine's Day, Kristen!

carma said...

Your sweetie is very sweet for getting you that beautiful bouquet. Enjoy the day together :-)

2busy said...

I'm kind of anti V Day here. I don't like the pressure that commercialism puts on people. Chocolate is good anytime. :)

Jodi said...

What a great blog!! Thanks for following me! I'm going to follow you and also add you to my daily blogroll. I think your blog is great. We think alike!! Plus I find it SO funny how we both have our hubbies and our pet on our sidebox and say they are the loves of our life! Too funny! Glad you found me!!

Terri and Bob said...

Your bouquet is wonderful. I have often wondered if there wasn't a special day set aside to tell those around us how much we care, if we would do it or not. Hmmm. Always wondered.

Your ideas were great ones!

Ms Bibi said...

I love that bouquet. What a sweet man your hubs is.

I also loved the post. It was so sweet and caring.

Kris said...

Beautiful flowers... I also love your tips!

thatdesigngal said...

Amen sista!! So lovely!!

Penelope said...

My dad was working, so we invited my mom over to be our Valentine too...my mom, husband, and son, my three Valentines :)

Cheryl said...

GREAT post, Kristen! TFS!

Aunt of 14 said...

Yeah, you're right. I got a new purse from my Mom, so she was definitely my valentine's this year! :)