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Friday, May 14, 2010

~* Adventures In Gardening, Part 1.5 *~

According to my calendar it is May 13. According to our weather here in New England lately, I would swear it was February or March. What the hell?!?! Why is Mother Nature being such a beeotch?! Doesn't she know I got me some gardening to do?!?

In any case, should our weather hold out this weekend, we've got more tasks on our yard and garden to-do list. Kevin is taking a day off tomorrow so it gives us an extra day. We plan on taking off for some, of course, but we also plan on spending some quality time here...

Ten years ago if you had told me I would actually enjoy going to Home Depot I would have laughed so hard at you. I mean, like, really make you look like a fool laughter! Now if I were to list my favorite stores to visit it would be art & craft stores, camera shops, Target, and Home Depot! Love.

There are some things we will get at nurseries, like the shrubs for our front yard, but most everything else will be purchased at Home Depot. We even have gift cards! Yes, I get excited for Home Depot gift cards!

So, here is the weekend list. I will be pleased if we can at least accomplish 3/4 of it...... ;-)

1. Head up north for a bit with Kevin and Bailey. Not too far...maybe towards Portsmouth or Kittery. Just to get out and about an enjoy what should be nice weather, take some photos, go for a walk...
2. Go to Home Depot!!!
3. Do any other errands we may need to do so we don't have to deal on the weekend
4. Do some more weeding and cleaning up so we can do some big work on Saturday

1. Go to local nursery for shrubs for front of house
2. Clean up around shed and spread more crushed stone*
3. Set up strawberry patch* and strawberry pot
4. Clean up bed on side of house and plant hydrangea and other shade plants*
5. Plant annuals and perrenials around yard*

1. Keep playing in the yard!

1. bags of crushed stone
2. potting soil and fruit/vegetable soil
3. organic humus
4. decorative fencing for strawberry patch
5. annuals, perrenials and hydrangea
6. tomato cages, supports for other vegetables

I am sure I will have plenty to add to those lists as the day goes on! Between you and me, I am hoping to squeeze in a stop at the Mill Store because I spotted a picnic table in the most recent circular that is on sale and I want it! If I can manage to get Kevin there I will be adding PAINT to my Home Depot list!!


Christa said...

Sounds like fun...I am exhausted just reading what your going to be doing! LOL

Ms Bibi said...

Apparently I live in a desert. The weather is not showing me that. I might go and plant next week if it stays decent.

Coffee Slut said...

You have a busy weekend planned! I hope the weather cooperates!

I have an award for you on my blog!

Leann said...

Hi There

Hope that you are having a blast today and that the weather holds out! Thanks so much for all of your support, it really means a lot to me. I'm hoping to get back to regular posts and visits now that DH is on the mend.

Love the photo of you and your Mum!

Lora said...

mmmmm, sounds fun :)
i bought herbs and a couple of vegetable plants today. we'll see how long they last ;)

Terri and Bob said...

Sigh. With all the hospital trips our garden looks pretty sad. I may have to live through you.

I know ... what's up with this weather???