"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Notes From The Universe

I had to interrupt the dream series to post today's note because it couldn't be more perfect!!! It goes along so well with what we have been discussing so far!!!

Time for a little refresher on manifesting change, parking spots, and a charming country cottage with character. Kristen:
1. Think about it as if it were already done. (Note "already done" part.)
2. Keep showing up, doing all you can, every day, in every way, until already done. (Note "keep" part.)
For complicated cases, like when dealing with invisible, limiting beliefs, negative friends, or staring down adversity: same-same.

You've got it made,
The Universe

See? Perfect! Think about these words. Try to live them every day.
Your dreams will come true!


Staci said...

I was so tickled to find this message in my email this morning - it was almost as exciting as the message you and I are blogging on.

All day I have been talking to myself about my dreams as if I were already living them.

You're right, it's a sign!

carma said...

good stuff!

Alicia said...

ohhh i love the first one. its hard to keep the big picture in mind sometimes....