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Monday, May 17, 2010

Stuff I love....magazine addiction edition!

Hi, my name is Kristen and I am a magazine addict. I am. I love magazines. I have subscriptions to sooooo many. I have always loved to read. As a kid and well in to my teens and 20's my nose was always buried in a book. I have a list a mile long of books I still want to read, and I will, eventually. I don't read books as often as I used to. It is not that I don't love them. I do. I love the holding a book in my hand, the feel, the scent of the pages (mmm, especially library books!). I could never imagine having one of those e-readers that are so popular now. They are cool, but not for me. Call me old-fashioned but I love to turn the pages of a book. I have just found that in recent years that I don't have the focus I once had with reading books. Actually, that is not true. When I am reading a book I am usually so focused on it and so immersed in the story that I ignore everything else around me. Just ask my husband or my parents...If I am in to a book and they try to talk to me I will not hear them! Drives them all nuts! :-)

But this post is not about books. It is about my other printed love...magazines! I have found that since I am reading less books I am reading way more magazines. They just don't require the the time and commitment that a book does. I wanted to share my list of current favorite magazines. Maybe you will find something on there you have not checked out and will find a new favorite to add to your list!

1. Country Living
It is not all cutesy and hokey as the title sounds. I fell in love with this magazine several years ago and subscribed right away. I guess I would classify this as a lifestyle magazine. Lots of decorating ideas, recipes, gardening, shopping, etc. I get so many project ideas from this magazine. I learn a lot about subjects I am interested in. I think of Country Living as a magazine about a more modern, sophisticated country lifestyle...something I wrote about in a letter to the editor. They published it last year!

2. Real Simple
Another lifestyle magazine. First, this magazine is such a great buy because it is thick! You really get what you pay for. It does what is says it does: offers simple, do-able ideas for living well.

3. Everyday with Rachael Ray
I know people either love her or hate her. She can be annoying but I can't help it...I love her! I love her shows on Food Network, I love her talk show, and I love her magazine. Though I think the whole "30 minute meal" thing is crap (I can never make her recipes in under 30 minutes!) they still taste good. We have yet to try one of her recipes that we don't like. If you have never checked out her mag, the do it. It is such a fun publication, vibrant and colorful, great recipes, lifestyle articles, travel tips, even pet tips!

4. Better Homes & Gardens
A classic. Love it!

5. Us Weekly
I am not ashamed to admit I have a subscription to this celebrity gossip rag. I love it!

6. Food Network Magazine
Food Network is one of my favorite cable channels. Most of the chefs are so entertaining. We have gotten some great recipes from this, and the articles on the behind the scenes happenings are really interesting. Now only if HGTV would start a magazine.....!

7. Cloth Paper Scissors
One of my most favorite papercrafting magazines! I have gotten so many project ideas from this and have learned lots of new techniques.

8. Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS
A special publication of CPS that they put out a few times a year. I love looking in to people's home. Some of my favorite blogs are ones that have pictures of the bloggers home. This magazine gives me and up close and personl glimpse in to the creative spaces of so many artists and crafters I admire.

9. Somerset Memories and Somerset Studios
Two favorite papercrafting magazines put out by the same company. Somerset publications tend to be on the pricey side but if you want to move beyond the cutesy-cutesy stuff in mags like Creating Keepsakes and really bring out the artist in you, read these.

10. Flea Market Style
This is a brand new magazine. The first issue just debuted a couple months ago and the new issue is supposed to come out soon. The blog world was abuzz about this publication for good reason. I really enjoyed it, because my decorating tastes have been shifting a bit to a more funky, modern-vintage style.

11. Cooking Light
Another great resource for healthy, easy meals.

12. Country Living, British edition
The Brits have such a relaxed country style. I especially love English cottage gardens and I get my fix from this publication. You have to get this someplace like Borders or Barnes & Noble (or online).

13. Ladies Home Journal
Laugh all you want but this is another classic. It has been around for something like 100+ years, but it remains fresh and up-to-date. I enjoy it.

14. Body + Soul
I love this magazine for its focus on authentic living. I devour the articles on ways to de-stress naturally, to calm my mind and body, the healthful recipes, exercise tips, etc.

It's a lot, huh? You should see how this list increases between September and December when all the holiday magazines start coming out!

What are some of your favorites? Maybe I can add a few more to my list! ;-)


Amy said...

I love magazines too! BUt I only have a couple of subscriptions. I'm still dying for Flea Market style but it is not to be found! Maybe I'll get lucky with the next one! :)

Christa said...

Holy Moly! That is alot of magazines! Kevin loves to read magazines too!:)

blueviolet said...

I love them too! So much that I had to break my addiction recently. When we listed our house, I threw out 6 trash bags filled with magazines. No joke. I stopped buying them after that cold turkey.

Kathleen said...

Loved your post. I, too, am such a magazine freak. You coverd most of my favorites. High on the list is Country Living, and Body and Soul. Although my very favorite didn't make your cut. People Magazine. It is the only mag I read cover to cover without fail. Our weather up here in Maine is some kind of gorgeous...how about in Mass?

Hugs, Kathleen

Pam said...

Hey, I love Ladies Home Journal, too! I would never laugh at you. As a matter of fact, when I was a 23 year old newlywed and very naive a young man knocked on my door selling magazines. I didn't have the heart/courage/brains to say no so I looked over his list and said I'd buy Ladies Home Journal. He said, "that's for old ladies, you don't want that". And I promptly ordered something else. LOL! I can not remember what it was, but I let a sullen teenager talk me out of buying a magazine I wanted but didn't really want to buy from him in the first place. So much for having confidence. Glad I've grown up since then.

Shore Debris said...

Hi. My name is Vicky. I am a magazine addict. At the moment only 12 current subscriptions arrive at my home. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has gained more magazines and let go a bit of books (I used to be the kid who had to have the book taken out of her hands at dinnertime - even just this last year, I started a book at 6 pm and finished it around 330 am - didn't get up or move the whole time I was reading it). But anyway, back to my short-reads addiction.

1. I love Smithsonian- it's got a bit of art, a bit of history, bits on animals, etc. It is pricey, but my grandmother in law gets that every year for my birthday - I figure it makes me happy and makes her happy having an easy gift to give.

2. I also have the whole BH&G and Simple Life Set...

3. I went on this kick where I'm trying to eat better / exercise more, etc... so I've been getting Self Magazine. I like lots of the recipes in there and the at home workouts, but I could care less about the make up and toothpick clothing styls that take up 1/2 of it.

4. The Economist (yes, we are a bit nerdy in my house). Every Sunday morning I have my routine where I get my paper around 630 and then sit down with my pot of coffee and read the paper. With my husband traveling so much recently, I've been picking up his Economist magazine (can't let a weekly magazine go to waste, right?). I'm actually surprised at how much I like it and more informed about the world it is making me (versus my paper that completely omits portions of world news).

Well, now that I have written too much, I'll just leave it at that!

carma said...

occasionally I'll read Health Magazine or More (cuz I'm an old woman - you have another year before you qualify for their demographic) and Psychology Today (when I am at the library)

I would find it exhausting keeping up with all those magazines!! I'm one of those who has to read every single page if I subscribe...

Jenny said...

I love magazines, too! I think my favorite right now is Mary Janes Farm!

Second fav Living Without - a magazine about cooking Gluten free!

Many, many years ago I had two different things I painted featured in a section called "Country Living you Can Buy". The editor of that section was Robin Long (at that time...now Long Mayer but I don't even know if she is still there) I met her in New York and she was really, really cool.

Just a piece of trivia to go with you letter to the magazine!

That is always fun stuff!

Karen said...

OMG Kristen! You made my day when I saw this... I know I'm not alone in the addiction. I love magazines and have such a hard time throwing them away! Another one I recently found that I love is Romantic Homes- I thought is would be all shabby chic but it's not. It's a wonderful mix of modern country and a little shabby chic. Lots of beautiful pics and articles. If you love looking inside unique homes, you will love it!- Karen

Kimberly said...

I love magazines too. I have subscribe to Traditional Home, Apollo, Art and Antiques, Art Review, Town and Country,Self, and Fitness

I never imagined that I would have a "reader", but I do have an iPad. I love it. I have Kindle and E-books on it, and I have bought several books on it. I have my own library at home, and could never give up books...same with you...love the smell, and feel, but the iPad is is so easy to take around with me where ever I go.

Lookie Lou TPPC.tv said...

Hi There! Stopping by from Pet Blogger Support. Love your post about magazines! Love the Star Magazine too!
Congratulations! Your blog is going to featured this week for Pet Blogger Support Saturday.

thatdesigngal said...

Can you pass on some of your love for reading to me??? lol

You know what I love--- that First Weekly. Hmm...I think that is what that is called. It's always in the grocery line. They have all kinds of home remedies. It's good stuff.

Tgoette said...

I love reading magazines too! Often times I will wander into doctor's offices just so I can check out their 3-year old copies of National Geographic and the latest AARP publication.

Cool blog, Kristen!

PS. I'm a fellow beagle aficionado too!