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Monday, May 31, 2010

What long weekend?!?

Seriously! I can't believe this weekend is gone already! And I had a four day weekend! We crammed it full of stuff, for sure. And now both of us are sitting here, in our pajamas at 6:00PM thankyouverymuch, wondering how it could possibly almost be Tuesday morning.

Most of the weekend was spent working our tails off in our yard. That will get its own post this week. We did have some fun stuff thrown in, too. Saturday afternoon was our nephew's birthday party. He turned 7 last week! SEVEN! Eeek...growing up way. too. fast. He is all about baseball these days, playing and watching, so he requested a baseball themed party. As it turns out, it is possible to get a permit to use one of our city parks for a party! So Saturday afternoon one of the local parks was all ours...and about 30 of his screechy little friends. Thankfully my brother was sure to have an "ADULT ONLY" cooler at the party! The kids had a great time playing baseball, chasing each other around, and...screeching. My brother was the grillmaster, and after lots of grilling and playing we enjoyed some Fenway Park styled cake!

What little Red Sox fan wouldn't love this?!?
(The "big" Red Sox fans enjoyed it, too!)

The happy birthday boy!

After the party we had to hurry home. We needed to get ready for our plans that evening, and our friend Joe would be showing up at our house soon after. Once we were ready and Joe arrived we headed to Prince Pizzeria to meet up with our friends Christa & Kevin . We all enjoyed a nice leisurely dinner while we waited to head in to Giggles for the comedy show.  Lenny Clarke was headlining and he was freakin hysterical!!! We had a great time, and it was nice to get out on a Saturday night with good friends. It seems like it has been too long!

Lenny Clarke

The other two comedians on the bill were really funny, too. One was Kenny Rogerson and the other was John David . He, actually, was exceptionally funny!

John David

Sunday all day was literally spent working on our yard. Enough said.

Sunday evening we headed to Mom and Dad's for dinner with the family and yet another birthday celebration for Jonathan, because, after all, a little boy can never have too much cake, right?!

Which brings us to today. We were once again up bright and early to get started on our day, which would include...wait for it...yard work! Yup. But first we wanted visit our grandparent's graves. At the cemetery my grandparents are interred at there is always a Memorial Day tribute to our nation's veterans, both past and present, so we make it a point to pay our respects. We stopped in at Kevin's Mom's house and at my parent's house and we made a run to the Mill Store so I could pick up some cedar planters that I wanted. We were then going to head home to an afternoon of manual labor when I got a text from Christa that she and Kevin along with their dog Riley were going to head to Salem Willows for lunch and a walk and would we like to join them? Ummm...put off yard work for a while?! Hells yeah!!! So off we went! Salem Willows is a local beach/amusement/playing and eating kind of place. I blogged extensively about it in this post from last summer. 

I only took a few pics because as you can see there is a haze hanging over the area. Apparently there are about 50 large forest fires burning in Quebec and the smoke is reaching us here in Boston.

The Kevins walking the dogs on the pier

After a couple hours Kevin and I had to give in and come home. The yard was waiting...

I have mentioned in many posts that when we do yard work Bailey likes to jump in my car and hang out (we leave all the doors wide open). After a couple hours of busting our humps in the yard I walked over to the car and this is how I found him...

I'm with ya buddy. It was a loooong weekend.......


Christa said...

The weekend did go awfully fast!! I really enjoyed the comedy club and the park with you guys today! We are so lucky to have met you and Kevin...*thank you Nikki*:) Looking forward to lots more this summer!

blueviolet said...

In spite of the haze, it's gorgeous out there and I'm all for 2 cakes in one weekend. Clearly by the smiles, everyone at your house is too!

Sandy said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Lots of different activities. I love Lenny Clarke! He is hysterical.

2busy said...

Sounds like a full wonderful life. Even with the yard work.

Jodi said...

Now that is a jam-packed weekend if I ever heard one! I would feel like Bailey too after that. LOL!

Happy Birthday to your nephew!! He is such a cutie.

sheila said...

What a wonderful post and pics. Love the dog at the end, lol!

And I want to say thank you for commenting at my place. It's very nice that you visit and say hello.