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Monday, May 03, 2010

What our weekends are made of...

Can't believe it is Monday again! The weekends really fly by, don't they? But at least our weekend was filled with happy stuff! We were busy, and didn't have much time to rest but it was all good.

I am going to post about Sunday separately. It will be the first of many posts in my Adventures in Gardening 2010 series! I figured the flower pictures were a bit of a hint.


So, Friday. Friday is Bailey's and my "mom and me" day. Yes, my child is of the furry variety and walks on four paws. He is my Friday co-pilot! 

(this picture is from last Friday...you get the idea!)

I pretty much take him with me as many places as I possibly can. He loves to ride in the car and be out amongst people. He is a very social dog! We have a little routine. I am addicted to my Dunkin Donuts coffee (though I only have one a day...any more and I would be certifiably annoyingly crazy!). So I get my coffee and Bailey always gets a couple plain munchkins. Usually I don't even have to buy them for him...the girls at the drive-thru window love him so much they give them to him! After we do any errands I need to do, we head up to Brooksby Farm to go for a nice long walk. After our walk we head to our favorite tree to hang out a bit...Bailey eyes all the farm animals and I read. At this time of year it is perfect because we can sit outside! Then eventually we come home so I can get stuff done in the house (or blog...or craft...). This past Friday the weather was gorgeous, so after Kevin got home and we had supper we headed out to the driving range for the evening to watch our favorite golfer practice!

He loooooves golf!!! Sometimes I will hit a few balls for fun, but, uh, the girls tend to get in the way of my swing...ahem...
Oh who am I kidding! Bailey and I are usually along for the ice cream! ;-)

Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day. For those of you that are not papercrafters that means, well, nothing. For us, it means SALES! And I went to a class at Absolutely Everythin g with Mom and Christa ! And the class project is a garden theme with a vintage-y flair. And I'm...not finished yet. of course. So I can't even share it with you yet. Christa finished hers so maybe if you ask her nicely she will post it for you! 

Class pretty much took up the entire afternoon, and when we got back to my house I was greeted by the most precious sight...

 This little guy!!!

Our nephew spent the night with us Saturday night! It was another gorgeous day, just right for practicing baseball with Uncle Kevin!!!

While looking something up on the computer that night Kevin saw this...

My Facebook profile pic popped up on our local news website in their fan box! I am such a dork...I had to snap a picture of the picture!

So, with the exception of Sunday, that is what our weekend was made of: family, friends, fun.

And I wouldn't have it any other way!


Christa said...

Saturday was so much fun!! But you forgot about our rule for taking pictures of each other *ahem* LOLOL I like the one of my side view with your Mom but the other one I was not having such a good hair day! LOL I LOVE the one of you and your Mom!

I am going to blog tonight and catch up on all the stuff thats been going on and I will post my picture of my finished project:)

Anonymous said...

Bailey is so cute, I'd give him free treats too! he looks like he is posing for the camera with a smile :-)

Anonymous said...

My cousin just started a garden, and I helped plant: corn, beans, and carrots. Although, the carrots aren't really doing much - at all, really. The garden theme made me think of that. Lol. My uncle is also an avid golfer. I've tried golfing, but it's been a while. And I mean a while. I think the last time I hit a golf ball I was in middle school.

Jodi said...

I love how much you love your nephew. That is SO sweet. I am very close with two of my nephews and my one niece. Since Larry and I don't have kids, they are like my psuedo-kids. Plus there is Harley...my kitty cat who is my son since he is going to be 17 in July.

Bailey is SO adorable. That is so cool you can take him to alot of place. Harley would be pissed if I took him out of the house. He has this "can't be bothered" attitude.