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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

~* Adventures in Gardening, Part 5 *~

I figured it is time for another garden update. Not a whole lot to report, though. This time during June and July is kind of the same old same old each day: weed, water, watch, wait. Pretty much sums up gardening in June and July around here!

This pic was taken late afternoon which is why the garden is partially shaded. The string beans are growing like crazy and I am thinking our little chicken wire contraption might end up being, well, too little. Too short really.

Our cherry tomatoes are growing fabulously, the celebrity tomatoes are ok, but the Romas...not so good. I think I am going to pick up a new plant this weekend and replace the one we have now.

Our cucumbers and zucchini are also doing really well, and so far they seem to be growing up and staying within the supports!

Peppers are coming along nicely.

So are the onions and lettuce.

The carrots, wellll......

...they don't seem to be doing all that well. We only have a few teeny sprouts. According to the seed packet we should have had better growth by now. We may try to re-plant them.



All of our herbs are doing really well, too! I have been cooking with the basil quite a bit already...which is a good thing because I planted an insane amount of it! :-)

How about a few non-edible plant pictures?

 Here is a little bit of the work we did in front of our house. It still needs a little tweaking and we have to mulch everything.

And what would a good blog post be without some cuteness...

Seriously....could he be any cuter?!?


New England Girl said...

Girl! Do NOT - I repeat, DO NOT - give up on that little Roma just yet! I have found my tomatoes - and all other seedlings - love and thrive on my morning coffee grounds. And if you don't drink coffee, head over to DDs or Starbucks and ask them for some of their grounds. Give everything a hefty dose of Miracle Gro, and some eggshells if you've got 'em. I wouldn't say don't go and buy another Roma plant, but give this one some time too. Mine have gone through ups and downs where I've been ready to throw in the trowel... but, I didn't, and they are all thriving and very happy [all 35 of them!!]

Pinch off the bottom leaves from tomatoes [they're more likely to have spores splash up on them throughout rain and transfer disease] and keep on pinching off those suckers in between shoots! I think those guys will pull through no problem. Just don't give up on them. :)

And as for the rest of the garden - it looks fantastic! But Miracle Gro the heck out of those too. I'm currently doing every couple of weeks - 1Tbsp to every 1 gallon of water, and everything thrives.

I'm aiming to send you an email so we can talk more about all of our gardening woes, but one last thing....

Every Monday night @ 9pm they have a "garden chat" -- tons of people sign up and it is "hosted" by two gardeners who know more than any people should know! They answer questions throughout and you can always tweet a million questions to them throughout the week and they unfailingly answer. It's amazing and so, so helpful. :)


Carol said...

I love veggies....
I love nasturtium....
I really love Bailey!!!!

2busy said...

My garden is not looking as beautiful as yours. We got a late start planting here this year due to some crazy cold weather. I tried to buy already sprouted veggies instead of doing it from seed. Any tips for keeping birds from eating my cucumber leaves?

Penelope said...

That is a great looking dog! My dad has the green thumb in our family. If not for him, we wouldn't have organic lettuce and peppers (which can be pretty pricy). I have to admit I'm a little jealous of anyone that can garden so well, and your garden looks gorgeous. Even with setbacks, being able to garden in general is a real talent, and useful.