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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I *heart* CVS...

* This is NOT a sponsored post. CVS did not approach me to do this. I am not getting anything for this.

I have always been a big fan of CVS. I have shopped there for years. I became even a bigger fan when they introduced their Extra Bucks program several years ago. I am fanatic about my Extra Bucks. I hoard them and work them and get more and more! I never go to CVS without at least some Extra Bucks to use towards my purchases. 

Before I go any further, I should admit, in the interest of full disclosure, that I was not always the best bargain shopper. Before I met Kevin I was terrible with money. I blew it left and right and acted like I actually had money to burn...which I didn't. My Dad always said I had "champagne tastes and beer pockets." Kevin, on the other hand, is, how shall I say this....frugal. He knows the value of a dollar, he knows how to make a budget and stick to it, and he knows how to save. I paid attention...and I learned. Now I am all about saving a buck where ever I can. And both of us being this way has really benefitted us. 

So, back to the Extra Bucks! To me, this program is almost like a fun game of "let's see what I can save and get in return!" Today was a FABULOUS day! I had one of my best CVS outings ever! And I got so excited about it that I actually had to call my Mom just to tell her, and then come here and blog it! I'm a dork, I know. But if you are not doing the Extra Bucks program YOU SHOULD! I know there are some items that may sell a bit cheaper at say Target or Walmart or Walgreens, but when you add up the savings from EBS and other coupons, CVS can't be beat!

This is my receipt from today. It was kinda hard to photograph it well.

Let me give you an idea of how the trip went today:

* After everything was rung up, and EBS and other coupons were applied, I spent $57.30 (with 6.25% MA sales tax).

* I saved $53.50 between buying items on sale, using EBS, and coupons!!!

* I got back $23 more in EBS!!!

So, in the end I got $110.80 worth of merchandise for $34.30!!!!!!

~* A savings of $76.50!!!!! *~

And as you can see from the receipt I bought a lot!!! And it is all stuff we use. I won't buy something just to get EBS or because it is on sale.

Let me give you an example of a pricier item I bought today and how I saved. I use a lot of Olay Regenerist products. I needed eye cream. I saw in the CVS circular it was on sale: $18.99 and you get $6.00 in EBS back. There was also a $3 coupon for it in last Sunday's paper. So with the $3 coupon I actually paid $15.99 AND got my $6 in EBS back, making the cost of my eye cream $9.99! A fabulous price for an Olay product!

See!!! It is like a game to me!!! I love seeing how much I can save. It makes me happy, it makes my husband happy, it makes our bank account happy! :-)

There are so many ways to earn extra EBS, too. I signed up on CVS website and now I constantly get coupons from them. Usually they are 20% off a purchase, $5 off $20, or a certain amount of EBS. The other day I got an email to do a quick online survey for them. Five minutes of my time which I would have spent online anyway got me $15 in EBS! I use tote bags at most stores I go to now. CVS has what they call a Green Bag Tag. I clipped it on to the tote I use there and every time I shop they scan it. For every four scans I get $1 in EBS. I also scan my Extra Care card at the in-store coupon machine every time I go in. Today it spit out a $4 off $20 coupon! And I had $5 worth of manufacturer's coupons from the Sunday paper for some of the items I bought. 

There were only 3 items I bought today that were not on sale and all were under $5. One was CVS brand tissues. I needed a box for our bedroom and I always buy the CVS brand...they are cheap and soft. I remembered that we needed toilet paper. Most likely I had a coupon for this at home but I was there so I got it. I got the smallest multi-pack and it was only $4.49. And, totally on impulse (because that does still happen to me from time to time) I bought THE cutest summer wristlet in red, white and blue. It was only $4.99 and I loved it. My reward for being such a good bargain shopper today!!!

I wish I had taken a picture of all the loot but it is all put away and I don't feel like getting it all out again!

What kind of bargains have you gotten lately?!

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Shore Debris said...

I love deals, and coupons, and CVS :) My best thing from CVS were two folding chairs - they are actually wood with metal hinges. I got them a couple of years ago and use them for my craft shows. I ended up paing $2.49 a piece for them. (Regular was $29.99.)

More recently my deal was my new TV. It was at Walmart - 26 inch LCD TV with DVD player built in. $202 (it was missing the remote and was the floor model... I was ok buying a universal remote for $3.99 to save almost $200.)