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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Must we ALL see your feet?!

I am going to admit something here that will probably raise the ire of many many people. I am sure I will get many many "WTF?!" comments. I will have to brave it because I just gotta say it......


[photo courtesy of Google Images]

There. I said it. It is out there in the blogosphere and there is no taking it back. I can't stand those strappy slappy pieces of foamy rubber that everyone insists on wearing from May through practically October (around here at least).

Seriously, people. Does the world really need to see your feet?! Feet are U*G*L*Y! I don't care how often you get pedicures, or how pretty your polish is, or how precious that ridiculous toe ring is, or how smooth your heels are...feet are UGLY!!! And that is just women. Men and flip-flops? Oh so wrong on so many levels.

When I went to Google Images for a few pictures for this post I settled on just the one I posted above. I initially googled flips flops + feet......GAAAAAGGGG!!! I had to open a new search. Why?
Because FEET ARE UGLY!!!!!!!

OK, my own hang-ups about having to see people's ugly feet aside, flip-flops are THE worst footwear for every day wear. They are so bad for your feet. How much support do you really think your feet are getting when all that is between them and the pavement is about a 1/2 inch of foamy rubber? And how are you not grossed out that all there is between your feet and the pavement is about a 1/2 inch of foamy rubber?!? Yuck yuck yuck!

If you won't take my word for it, and why should you really, how about checking out what podiatrists have to say about flip-flops. This article and this article are two good places to start.  Here are a just a few of the issues that podiatrists attribute to flip-flops:

•Sore arches and heels, which can progress to chronic conditions, including inflamed Achilles tendons and plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the connective tissue between the heel bone and the toes.
•Heel calluses (from the pounding).
•Hammer toes (from the gripping).
•Irritation between the toes (from the toe thongs), which can lead to nasty fungal infections.

Eeek! They had me at nasty fungal infection. Gross!

Why would people continue to wear these day in and day out, all day long? I agree that if you are going to beach then they are fine for a few hours. It is better than barefoot. I remember when the beach was pretty much the only place you would see people wearing them. But why oh why did these become so popular over the last several years for every day all day wear, as if they are actually fashionable or something?

So, again I ask, must we really all see your feet? Or in some people's cases, smell (gaggg!) your feet? Really?!


Carol said...

O*M*G!!! WE ARE SISTERS.....SOME HOW....SOME WAY! Feet disgust me too! I hate flip flops too! Any plastic shoe really! Any opened toe shoe! {grossing out with the chills} Blah!

Monica said...

You crack me up! I have to admit I am a flip flop wearer...but I'm rethinking my all day flip flop wearing. I am just getting too old. I am TOTALLY with you on men and flip flops though - That should NEVER be allowed! Even on the beach, but ESPECIALLY to church or a restaurant...GAG!!!

Melissa Miller said...

Kristen you totally cracked me up with this post! You are hilarious. I must admit I too love flip flops like the fun cutsey ones for summer wear. It is so hot here right now I cannot imagine wearing anything else. I do take care of my polished toenails and rough spots. My feet are *teeny* *tiny*. Does that help a little bit for the ugliness factor? LOL!!!!

Have a wonderful day sweet friend.
~Melissa ;)

2busy said...

I don't mind flip flops, but I wear sandals. But, by your description of loathing, there probably isn't a difference to you. My advice, Don't look down... ;)

Aunt of 14 said...

LMAO!!!! How refreshening... I've never heard of a flip flop hater on blogosphere before!!! IT's always how they LOVE it and etc etc.

I am not a big wild fan myself. I feel like I have mentally challenged toes. The middle one on one foot sticks out longer than the rest, so it feels like I'm flipping people off.

I do wear sandals occasionally. Just never to work!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I agree about the flip flop thing. They should only be beach wear, but I actually love feet. Well, a well-kept foot, I should say. I used to be a dancer and one of the biggest parts of dancing is your feet and I think they can be utterly beautiful. I actually used to be jealous of other people's feet. I have sort of flat feet and I envied those with high, beautiful arches.

And I love a good open toed shoe and pretty polish. :)

Terri said...

Does that go for baby feet? I love baby toes!

I like flip flops but not at work! I like them for the BEACH!

However, I am a sucker for cute sandals and I think toe cleavage is pretty!

Jennee said...

I LOVE flip flops! I wear them as often as I can and I don't care what you have to say about it because my feet need to breathe!!!! I mean, if I could, I'd walk around barefoot all day...actually I'm barefoot now.

carma said...

as soon as I saw your comment I thought to myself - It's the Flip Flop post!!!

A friend of mine wears flip flops every single day (of the year) -- even in the cold winter...even though her skin gets irritated...

I read about the Hammertoe issue a long time ago and it has basically frightened me away from flip flops (which I despise anyway) -- the last thing I want is a creepy hammertoes for VC to have to look at when I am old and infirmed and he visits me at the nursing home ;-)

excellent post :D

Cheryl said...

ROFL! So for the longest time, despite the fact that I lived in FL, I *refused* to wear flip flops. They were uncomfortable, and feet. Are. GROSS. Interestingly enough, when I moved *away* from FL, I suddenly became an avid flip flop wearer. Maybe it's because we have to wear socks 10-11 months out of the year, I don't know. But as soon as that first summer hit, I was scrambling to find comfy flip flops, and two years later, that one pair has multiplied. I promise, though, that I won't wear them around you. :)