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Friday, July 02, 2010

Gotta catch up!!!

So, this post will just be a whole lotta random. Mostly pictures. Did a camera dump so I thought I would share some of them here. I wish I had something more exciting to share with you but right now I don't. This last week or so has pretty much consisted of work and errands and not much else. But somehow I have kept myself continually occupied...again, just not with anything too terribly exciting. I did, however, get some crafting done and I am thisclose to being finished with a project that should have been done a long t....well, let's just say it should have been done already and leave it at that! 
Want a peek?

We've hung out with or favorite little guy a lot!

There was baseball...
Our future Red Sox star!!!

LOVE how he keeps his batting gloves hanging out of his back pocket, like the pros!

This kid just cracks us up!!!

Belting one outta the park!!!

...and time at Brooksby

LOVE this!!! Buddies for life!!!

I let him loose with my camera to take pics of the animals. This kid has got SKILLZ!!!

This gorgeous fella resides at Brooksby, too! These are only two of the many pictures both Jonathan and I took of him. The photos don't even do his amazing colors justice!

Even though these two were just too creepy looking for words I thought it was adorable how they were nuzzling each other. This went on for a while. Of course, they could have just been picking bugs off each other, too...

Then I took a few, too...

This place is just so peaceful and bucolic...

This goat was all "what are you lookin at, lady?!"

A face only a Mama could love!
Man, farm animals are U*G*L*Y
(doesn't this thing remind you of the ton-tons from The Empire Strikes Back? You know, the thing Han Solo slices open to warm up Luke when he collapses in the snow?)

and then there was, of course, goofing off with Auntie time!

That pretty much sums up the last week or so! 

This weekend we will be enjoying all kinds of 4th of July festivities so I will have lots to post! 
AND, I have a giveaway coming up!!! Be on the lookout for info on that on Monday!!!


Leann said...

Keep on having fun my sweet friend...

You're right, that is one u-g-l-y animal!


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Lovely photos :) Thanks for following me! Have a wonderful weekend ♥

carma said...

If my dentist could get his hands on that goat - he'd rake in some big bucks!!!

Your nephew really looks like a pro with gloves in back pocket. He took some excellent photos!

Mardell said...

Hi Kristen ~ HOT enough for ya? AAaaack. :o( Hope you're keeping as cool as possible. Great pics, as always. I'm really interested in the craft project....looks so dang amazing! How's your garden doing?