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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

White Mountains, Day Two, morning...

Once I went through all of my pictures from the second day, the 4th of July, I figured I better further divide up the posts! There are just too many!

So we awoke early and had breakfast at our hotel then headed out. Since it was the 4th of July there were going to be a lot of festivities happening in town later in the day so we wanted to spend some time in the morning showing Christa and Kevin around the area. First we headed in to the neighboring town of N. Woodstock. Kevin and I just love Lincoln and N. Woodstock. There are a lot of cute shops and stuff but again the weather was scorching hot. I had a mission, though. There is a store called the Christmas Loft. There is one in N. Conway and one in Woodstock. I skipped the one in N. Conway so that meant I just had to go to the one in Woodstock. The Kevins and the dogs hung out outside in the shade and Christa and I did a little shopping. I don't have any pictures of the store (though there are probably pics of it somewhere on this blog...). Any time Kevin and I are on vacation whether it is two days or two weeks, 200 miles from home or 2000 I always buy a Christmas ornament. I actually got a couple this day and that made me happy!

With my Christmas ornament mission out of the way it was time to go soak in more of the beauty of these amazing mountains! We took a ride north in to Franconia Notch. We pulled off in to a little scenic area near the base of Cannon Mountain where the dogs got to splash around in the cool water a bit!

Cool beaver dam!

This area is near where the Old Man of the Mountain rock profile once was. It sadly crumbled a few years ago but the legacy lives on as the iconic image can be seen everywhere in NH.

Had to take several breaks in the heat!

After leaving Cannon, we headed to The Basin. This is a beautiful walk through the woods along the gushing river. There are waterfalls, whirlpools, shallow streams, and deep pools.

Another crazy tree!  I couldn't get enough of the crazy trees! Mercifully, most of the path is pretty level and meandering!

The closer you get to The Basin the more fierce the river becomes!

Annnnddddd, I can't believe I am even sharing this picture since I look all sweaty and nasty and disgusting!!!

After The Basin we headed back to Lincoln for lunch, then rested up a bit, attempted to freshen up a bit, and headed up to Main Street for the 4th of July parade!!! Pics of that soon to come!


carma said...

what an incredibly beautiful day you had. And I'm glad you included the happy family photo at the end!

I love that you buy ornaments year round when you are in special places. We've still got a handmade shark ornament from our honeymoon that hangs on the tree from St. John.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Such beautiful pictures-- what a wonderful place! Can't wait to see more ♥