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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another big milestone!!!

My favorite little guy has finally lost another tooth!!!

Is this adorable or what??!!

Being the fabulous auntie that I am I have to keep telling him how goofy he looks!!! 

Good thing he loves me and he knows how much I love him!!! <3


Mardell said...

How cute!! What did he lose it on? William's lost 5 teeth so far. The very same one Jonathan lost is not coming in very well for Wm. As a matter of fact, it looks pretty bad. :o( We'll be heading to the dentist soon to have it looked at.

J-man is lookin' good! ♥

Tammy said...

I think this is the most adorable stage of little kidhood. Just precious. He is such a cutie!

Carol said...

That boy....melts my heart! Everyone knows how much you love him! You're amazing! (I've told you that a lot lately....I think you need a t-shirt that says it)!! lol

Terri said...

Sigh... all that trouble getting them in just to have them fall out. He looks adorable, though, with the slightest hint of impishness!

Christa said...

Love it...tell him he looks like a cute little pumpkin...:)