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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall-ifying the office

Yeah, I made that word up. I do that. Whatevs!
(see what I mean...?)

Anyhoo, the office. I am talking about the office I go to four days a week, not our little den/office in our home. The small company I work for is located in a very large office park. Just one of those typical, flashy on the outside, blah and boring on the inside office parks. Our individual office is no exception. Add to the fact that I work with all guys and only 2 other girls, and well, you can imagine the stinkiness and messiness the three of us deal with! Good thing the guys can be entertaining, and they will lift heavy things, and put stuff together for us when we don't want to break a nail tear ourselves away from our work. But they are still messy, stinky boys! And they don't care if the office is pretty, or festive, or if it smells good. But we do. So we have been on a mission lately, to prettify and de-stinkify, and. because it is autumn, fall-ify the office!

We have been burning our fall-scented candles (our boss is awesome and not only lets us have candles in the office but he likes them, too!). I decided we needed a little fall decor, too. We usually put out a bowl of fall treats but I wanted something that wouldn't disappear in a day like candy does.

The office needed a pumpkin!

So I made a pumpkin.

Yep. I know our office. If we had a real one it would probably sit in a corner till Christmas and it was all rotted. Ewwww! So off to Michael's I went where I picked up one of those little kind of real looking fake pumpkins. A white one. And I painted our company logo on it! Easy. Simple. Understated. And we can decorate with it every year.

First I practiced sketching our logo. I just went to our website and eyeballed it and sketched it out over and over on scrap paper. Once I was happy that I got close to what the logo looks like I sketched it in pencil on the pumpkin.

If you click to enlarge the pic you can very faintly see the pencil lines.

I got out some maroon-ish acrylic paint. All of our business cards and other stuff is maroon and white.

I first went over the pencil lines with a maroon marker, then painted several coats over that. After I took the picture I cleaned up the edges a bit more. And now it sits on the coffee table in the entry to the office. Our little autumn greeting. All fall-ified and stuff!


Leann said...

Well aren't you just miss smarty pants? Love this idea!


Christa said...

That is so cool!! I would have never thought to do that! You are so creative girl! :)

Terri said...

A+ for creativity, in both the pumpkin and your newly invented word!

Cheryl said...

What a great idea! (And I love your new blog header, BTW.)