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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dancing with the wanna-be's, part deux

More like part DUH!!! ;-)

Dancing With The Stars (and I use the term "stars" very lightly....). What is it about this show that gets people all kinds of fired up? Hell I don't even watch it regularly yet this is the second time it is inspiring a blog post for me! Regular readers may remember when I posted last season about the ridiculousness of them inviting Kate Gosselin to compete in the show. Hello!!!! NOT a star by any stretch of the imagination. Apparently, though, in ABC's mine being nothing more than a terrible mother and fame whore makes one a "star/" But I digress. This post is about this season of DWTS....specifically one Bristol Palin.

Now before anyone gets all bent out of shape I am not going to go off and crucify the poor girl or go on some political rant because of who her mother is. But those that know me away from the blog do know that to say I am not a fan of Sarah Palin is putting it mildly. But I don't hold that against the daughter, who I happen to think is cute as a button and is damn brave to go on this show when she is clearly not a good dancer at all. I do think the show has reached the heights of utter ridiculousness by considering her a "star." Seriously! What is her claim to fame, other than the fact that while her mother was out derailing John McCain's campaign and preaching abstinence, sweet Bristol was back home on the frozen tundra bumping uglies with that opportunistic little twit and getting herself knocked up. That makes someone a star? Well, hell, then I can think of several girls from my old high school that should be pretty famous now...

Now that I think of it, maybe this post will be a teeny-tiny bit political. I think most (sane) people will admit that Bristol didn't make it to the top 3 on her dancing ability. Perhaps you have heard the big outcry from the "left" about how all the "tea party right wingers" are coming out in full force to vote to keep Bristol on the show and how they have found flaws with ABC's system and are registering numerous email addresses to be able to vote over and over. Well....DUH!!!! Of course they are doing that!!! They freakin admit it, people. My dear sweet right wing friend ;-) directed me to this post on Hillbuzz, a conservative commentary website which I don't normally read unless I need a good laugh (love ya Tams!!!). Hillbuzz has been, well, buzzin', about keeping her on the show all season. Why the hell is the left acting like it is some big conspiracy?!? I generally tend to lean a bit more to the left than right, and even I gotta give props to the teabaggers for making this strategy work. You mean to tell me if, say, Nancy Freakshow Pelosi were on the show, the uber-liberals wouldn't be out in full force doing the same thing?

And Hillbuzz isn't the only one that has picked up on this brouhaha...the ultra-liberal Washington Post has put in their two cents here and here.

Politics aside, the point I am trying to make is this is what happens when you put someone on a show like this that is not a celebrity. Stick to actual celebrities, the ones we get a guilty pleasure out of watching, whether they are dancing badly or acting badly or whatever. I mean, it is obvious ABC had ratings on its mind when they invited her on (the same as them having someone like that tool from Jersey Shore on...another NON-star! Is it just me or do you ever feel like someone should be in that Jersey Shore house passing out penicillin or something?). I don't blame ABC, per se, because Bristol is a big girl and she could have declined. She had to have known deep down there would be some kind of controversy simply by virtue of who her mother is. But whatever! I think it was much more entertaining watching the manic lunatic antics of David Hasselhoff or 70 year old Florence Henderson shaking her groove thang than watching Bristol Palin stiffly go through the motions.

Wanna - be's. That is all that some of them are.

So who do I want to win? I would be happy if Kyle or Jennifer win. Like I mentioned I don't watch consistently and I never vote because I can't be bothered so I really don't care which of the two wins. I do know Bristol shouldn't, because both Kyle and Jennifer are simply better than her. And they are both actual celebrities. Granted his claim to fame is some Disney or Nickelodeon show (two channels I make it a point NOT to watch unless my nephew is here, and even then I try to sneak out of the room...) and her biggest role was over 20 years ago in Dirty Dancing (a classic in my humble opinion...and I am sentimental about it because the title track was my senior class song in 1988!) with the late sexy hunk of ruggedness Patrick Swayze (RIP). But, still. I think the final show is on tonight, and most likely I won't even see it! Ha!

I just like to rant about celebrities...or non-celebrities as the case may be...


Tina❀ said...

I don't watch this but it's a funny post! AND I went to school with a few of those "star" girls too. haha! One actually did become a "night" screen "star". Gross!

A New England Girl said...

Hahaha... I freakin' LOVE you.

I have never watched DWTS, nor will I ever (that's not to say my choice of tv is any better -- Gossip Girl on Mons? Heck, yes!), but I wholeheartedly agree with you on the lineup of people that they consistently produce. C'mon, Bristol Palin? YAY! Let's show the youth of America that it is acceptable (and financially gainful) to have a baby as a teenager out of wedlock; and not only that! but you'll then be invited on a bunch of shows and have your face splashed all over magazines. And I'm not only lookin' at you, Bristol Palin, I'm also looking at those god-awful teens they put on shows like "Teenage Mom" and "16 and Pregnant" -- what the HECK is tv (and society) coming to?! We glorify everything that people should not be (especially young teens). I'm all for freedom of speech, but this garbage should not be glorified, put on a pedestal and shoved down our youth's throats. They're waaay too impressionable. Suddenly Bristol Palin is not a struggling teen mom; she's a bright and shiny new dancer having a great time. Great. Example. For. Kids.

Okay, little rant over and done.

Spot on, sista. ;)

Carol said...

Love this post...couldn't agree more!!! There were girls like that in my high school and are currently girls in high school with the same 'star' qualities! I don't watch the show either...only thing worst is the new "Skating with has-beens"...I mean really? Really? This is what Vince Neil is doing now...c'mon!

carma said...

I watched the last few weeks of the season. I was impressed at how well Bristol progressed with her dancing for a non-performer. Kyle was delightful - and I was happy to see him make it to the finals. Luckily this season the best dancer did end up winning so hopefully the controversy will die down.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

carma said...

I enjoyed Carol's comment on the skating with the has beens - must not have been too many stars dying to get on that show. Maybe has something to do with the ice and skates...

Ms Bibi said...

I don't watch DWTS since they started recruiting people like Kate Gosslin, but I heard that Jennifer won....god thing.

If you really want to feel like puking you need to check out new reality show called Sarah Palin's Alaska.

Tammy said...

Clearly the best dancer won, and how charming that she was able to reprise the very same dance number she used in the dancing movie she starred in. And all with a bum knee and a ruptured disc, which is truly a miracle.

I've been thoroughly enjoying Sarah Palin's Alaska. It's stunningly beautiful, and I'd move there in a heartbeat.