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Friday, January 14, 2011

Long weekends.....

I love me a long weekend. Of course, many that know me would argue that every weekend is a long weekend for me since I don't work on Fridays. But this will be a true long weekend since I have Monday off, too! So thankful for a cool boss!

So, what to do with all this time?! Well, there will be shopping, including picking up this tote in Baroque! It is an early birthday gift from Kevin. I need a new tote for work and Vera Bradley are some of my faves! I also got another early birthday gift from my hubby...well it has been ordered. I should have it in a few weeks! I loooove Lisa Leonard Designs jewelry. I have the True Love necklace and have wanted the Open Circle necklace for so long! And that is what he got me!!! The front of the circle will say create a life you imagine and the back will say follow your bliss kristen. Soooo perfect for the changes I want to make this year!!!

(And I may or may not have ordered the Through My Lens necklace as a gift to myself....)

There will be family dinner tonight, where I get to enjoy this little face...

{November 2010}

...which I can never get enough of!!! This little face makes me so very happy. Looking at this little face makes all of my stress go away!!!

I can't remember if I shared this photo I took of my nephew. I was so happy with how it came out, that I had it made in to a 20" x 24" gallery wrapped canvas to give to my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas, and had a smaller one made for me and my parents! They all loved it! It was probably THE most excited I have ever been to give a gift!

And while I am on the subject of sweet faces, check this one out...

This is my brother's sweet dog Kya. Isn't she gorgeous?! Kya has not been feeling well lately and we have had a bit of a health scare with her. Thankfully she seems to be doing better but we are still waiting on some test results. Any prayers or good healing vibes you could send her way would be so very much appreciated!!! She and Bailey are just THE best of friends...furry cousins as we like to call them! Last week at family dinner at my parent's house poor Bailey was so lost without her there. She had to stay home to rest. He has been looking for her ever since. Luckily they will get to be together tonight!

Wow! I am all over the place today!

So, the weekend! Let's see...there will also be this...


Football, baby!!!
PATRIOTS, baby!!!
Can ya tell I am just a little excited for this week's game?!? And we will have our friends here to watch with us, so there will be lots of this consumed...

....along with my homemade (healthy!) chili and cornbread!
(I will try to remember to take pics of my chili and post my recipe....and by "recipe" I mean stuff I throw in the pot! I never measure!

There will also be more crafting this weekend!!! Lots and lots of it!!! I have been crafting quite a bit lately. I love when my creative juices just keep flowing! A lot of what I have made lately is very personal though so I can't promise I will share, but the stuff I am working on this weekend I can definitely share a few sneak peeks of. They are gifts for friends and I can't share completely till they get them!

In the first part of the day Sunday I am having a "Shop & Save" class at my house. I reconnected with a friend from high school on Facebook and she is a coupon queen! She was always posting on these amazing deals she would get while out shopping, like grocery shopping for her family of four and purchasing over $150 worth of groceries for $30!!! She mentioned that she loves to share her tips and secrets by doing these classes for friends and colleagues. The more deals she posted about the more intrigued I became so I figured, why not?! It is always fun to get a group of your girlfriends together and talk shopping!!!

I hope all of you have a most fabulous weekend planned, too!!!


Christa said...

OH...looking forward to the Chili, cornbread and da beer...LOL Looking forward to learning how to save some extra money...:) See you Sunday!

Christa said...

OH and sweet Kya will be in our thoughts and prayers!

carma said...

please tell me I won't be seeing you on Extreme Couponing buying 2,400 bic pens this time next year ;-)

I hope sweet Kya is healing well...

carma said...

I must get more original in my next comments as Christa and I were both channeling "sweet Kya" LOL

carma said...

tell me you are not counting down to Halloween already!!!!