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Monday, January 31, 2011

Totally random silly unimportant things that make me happy!

I love mascara. Always have. I have not worn it in sooo long...not since having my cornea transplant nearly five years ago. I missed it. Sounds like a silly thing to miss but what can I say...I am a bit of a girly-girl. 

See, here's the thing...as much as I love mascara and have worn it since I was around 15, I have a bad habit of poking myself in the eye with the wand! So even though my doctor assured me I could still wear eye make-up I was afraid. Afraid of poking my new cornea!

Well, folks, guess what?! I am 40 and I am not afraid any more! I will no longer fear the wand! I am a fabulous and fearless women and dammit I want long, thick, lush lashes!!!

So...this past Saturday I did it! I successfully applied mascara for the first time in almost five years and I did NOT poke myself in the eye!

Annnddd....I did it again on Sunday! And today!

Annnnddd...Saturday night and Sunday night I successfully washed it off, too! And it is waterproof so I had to break out eye makeup remover!

How freakin fabulous am I???!!!

It's the little things, people. It's the little things!

Stay fabulous!!!


Furry Bottoms said...

You are really lucky to be so naturally pretty that you don't even need makeup!!! I wish I could go around without mascara!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Looks great! :) I, on the other hand, hate wearing makeup!... I wear it anyway though :p

Christa said...

Love it:)

2busy said...

I don't feel completely dressed without it! I have to wear waterproof. It's just the best...

Tammy said...

In addition to poking myself in the eye with the mascara wand, I am also usually good for at least one excruciating pinch of the m*thaf*ck*ng eyelash curler.....so I haven't worn makeup in forever!

I am seriously considering Latisse, though, since a co-worker's results have been staggeringly gorgeous....but they warn that it can potentially cause brown spots on the iris, which would not look good on my blue eyes, so I dunno!

You rock that eye make-up, chicky!

Cheryl said...

OMG, I thought I was the only one who did that! I'm a menace with a mascara wand. When I used to apply makeup for other people in drama, none of them would let me put on their mascara, LOL. You're looking fab, girlfriend!