"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Plugging right along with CHANGE!!!

Change is coming -- and you are the cause of it all! It should be almost entirely positive, and you are sure to enjoy the benefits when they do come down. It may take a little longer than you hope.

{ My horoscope today, 2/2/11 }

So I am one month in to 2011, almost two weeks past my 40th birthday, and I gotta say, I am still so excited about my Word for 2011! I feel great! I have been happy (most of the time anyway). I have felt a sense of calm start to wash over me. I am becoming more and more focused on what I want and where I am headed

There is much about this journey I am on that I am choosing not to share on my very public blog. But there is also much that I will, when the time is right. 

One thing I can share is that part of this journey is about healthy living. NOT dieting. "Diet" is such a nasty four-letter word! I would rather drop f-bombs than the d-word! Healthy living...because in the end that is what it is all about. Yes, for me, a huge part of healthy living is weight loss (something I am working on, and succeeding at, day by day!). And the key to weight loss is really VERY simple: eat healthier, fresh, unprocessed foods and exercise. I know this because I have lost weight before. And yes, I have gained it back...when I stopped eating well and moving less. This part of my journey to change will not be easy, and it won't be fast. This will go well beyond 2011. It really has to be with me for my entire life. And that is OK. Because we all have but one life to live, and life is short. I want to make my life count! And I want to make the best of every flippin second!

This is kind of the reason I have been so in to taking pics of myself lately. I love seeing the progress. I love to see my healthy glow. I love to see the look of calm and peace on my face.

How is your 2011 shaping up so far?!


2busy said...

I see the glow!

2busy said...

Oh, and dieting is such a bad word. I try to use the words healthy eating and exercise for my heart. I figure if I'm doing those things then the "extra" benefits will fall into place.

I figure with a twelve year old daughter I should be especially careful of the words I use. The are so worried about their self image.

Carol said...

You are BEAU-TI-FUL!!!

Tammy said...

Lookin' FAB, girl!

Moving is what kills me. My ass is sooooooo lazy.....keep up the awesome work, it's really paying off!

Terri said...

My "Living Well" theme is working great. I, too, believe it is a life long journey to good health. I have made Weight Watchers a part of my life, not just because I need to lose weight but because I needed to learn how to make good choices. It is working. My next goal is to start moving in a proactive way. This snow makes it hard!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

You look great! I just know you'll succeed in your goal :)

My 2011 has been quite similar; I'm trying to think as positive as possible! A good thing to have during your last semester as an undergraduate! :p ♥

Christa said...

I will you girl..I am trying to do the healthy eating and moving more...and when we get moved I will have a neighborhood to walk in...right now i don't move enough...but that will change!! And you are beautiful girl...:)

Staci said...

I am so proud of you! You inspire me.

The first month of 2011 wasn't the best, I lost my precious pooch and my job cut my hours.

Since then I have been de-cluttering, somewhat organizing, somewhat clean eating, and being way selfish.

Whatever it is I'm doing is working - I'm down 8 pounds and I'm feeling great about my home and life.

BTW - I see more of a diva attitude than a glow in that first pic! Love it! Love you!

carma said...

you just keep looking more and more wonderful. I'm not going to say better and better because you already looked good before. So happy it is all falling into place and that you are upbeat and motivated!!!

Anonymous said...

As long as I can live well using the WW terms, then I'll join you in eliminating the word "diet" from my vocabulary! ;-) My husband has been reading my points book-watching what I cook and portioning our food. Last night he came home after eating what I gave him for the day and said--"we've been eating like pigs!". We'd eat good food--just too much of it. So far-he's lost 12 pounds and I'm down 5 in one week-so we're looking to being more healthy and energetic in 2011!!!

Leann said...

You glow girl! I'm trying this approach to life too...wish me luck:)


Cheryl said...

Love it - love seeing that radiance in your eyes. 2011 is your year!