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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ummm....yeah, it's me. For real.

Holy unintentional blog hiatus, Batman!!! Eeek!

I really didn't set out to be away from my blog for so long. And I really don't know why I was. Just didn't have the mojo to write, I guess. The good news is, you didn't miss much. It has been a looong cold winter here in New England, which, thankfully, is O*V*E*R!

So, to catch you all up since my last post...no we still haven't replaced either my Pampered Chef bowl or the cheesy plastic one. We're real get it done people here can't ya tell?! ;-)

The month of March brought birthdays for two of the loves of my life....

Bailey turned 7 on March 1...

...and of course he got cupcakes to celebrate!

And of course her pretty much inhaled them!!!

Then, on March 26...
...my brother turned 38! And once again I had delusions of being a cake decorator. I swear to you when I write on paper my handwriting is much neater!!! I wrote "Dad" on the cake so my nephew could give it to him! And "P" is what my brother's friends have called him since they were kids. Our last name (well, my maiden name) starts with "P."

My brother and my nephew...the best of buds!!!

How cute is my nephew!!!

Let's see, what else? Went to my fifth Cool Crops with Mom and the girls at the beginning of March and we had a blast as usual!!!
I will share more of these pics in another post. And I suppose I will explain the paper... ;-)

And I have been baking a lot of bread!
Again, more on this in another post. In our attempts to eat cleaner and healthier I am making more and more of what we eat from scratch. This is resulting in a lot more time in the kitchen...some days I don't mind that, some I do. But I feel so much better knowing that I have control over what we are consuming.  There is just so much extra crap in mass-produced food. Yuck!!! And I found a great book that makes having fresh wholesome bread super easy and not time-consuming at all. I think more people don't make their own bread because of the time they think it involves.

And along those line of eating clean, now that it is April and spring is here.....
and these are popping up thru the ground....oh hello little tulips!

My thoughts have turned to what else but G*A*R*D*E*N*S!!!!!! 
I am sooooo super overly excited to garden this year!!! I know I know, I get this way every year, but this year is different. This year is more exciting than the previous. This year we will have a real true garden! An extensive garden!!! A huge garden!!!

Last fall we had two enormous trees removed from our yard. Though they were lovely and provided cooling shade, they were way too close to the house, the roots were just about at our foundation, and with the high winds we have had in recent years, if they were to topple over, or even if just one of their huge limbs blew off, the damage could be catastrophic. So, now they are gone and what we are left with is a gloriously sunlight flooded back yard that gets full sun all day long!!! Ginormous garden here we come!!!

I have a plan sketched out and I am just waiting...waiting rather impatiently, for the ground to dry up and the temps to warm up more so we can start putting this in to action.......more on this in a later post!

So that should about catch you all up. I am still determined to make this my year of change and I am working on that daily. One step is the cleaner eating I mentioned above. I am asserting my independence more and more. Each day I am trying to do things I love to do. This all sounds so simplistic but it is not. But it is a process I need to go through, and one that I am still fully embracing!

Now for the daunting task of catching up with all of you, my lovely blog friends that I have missed so much. In the coming days I will be popping by your blogs to say hello. I plan to read everything I have missed but please don't be upset if I don't comment on each and every post. I want to make time for all of you!!! Mwwwaaahhh!!!


Carol said...

I have MISSED you!!!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Like I said in my e-mail, I missed you! So glad to see you back :) Love the photos, and I too, am so excited to garden this year! I have big plans, and hopefully this year I'll set out to make them somewhat of a reality! Looking forward to see what you have in store ♥

Christa said...

I missed your blogging too...I know I need to do more myself...LOL

You have to help me figure out my garden...I am so excited to be able to have one...just need to figure out where I can do it...:)

Leann said...

Ok here's me I'm blogging and doing other things at the same time. Did I just comment here? hmmm...

So glad to see you back around, I've been missing you. I'm right there with you on spring springing!

Happy b-day to your guys!


A New England Girl said...


I have been on a blogging hiatus, too, but I still always popped by to see if you had posted... I was so happy to receive your email yesterday and see that you had posted. :)

My thoughts are now turning to gardens too! This winter really drained all of my energy and I had absolutely no motivation to do anything. I slacked from my workout, let schedules fall by the wayside and basically turned into a very unproductive person. I'm hoping that is all going to change now (I can actually feel it changing, thank goodness!) that the sun is back and we don't have 60ft of snow on the ground. I'm starting all of my seedlings tomorrow and, like you, have plans to expand the garden! I can't wait to be out tending the plants and enjoying all of the warmth.

Can't wait to hear all of your plans! And girl.... I am SO proud of you for taking the initiative to phase out processed foods. Don't you feel SO much better when everything is healthy and unprocessed? It's so, so nice. :)

Love youuuuu! xoxox.

Jenny said...

Missed you, but glad you are back. You certainly have been busy!

carma said...

girl, you have been busy. You seem incredibly energized - and great idea to break away from processed foods. If I wasn't so lazy when it came to cooking I'd do more of that too. The bread looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I posted a note on the day you wrote this, but my computer locked up and I forgot to come back and repost!! I missed you while you took your break!! I'd keep coming back thinking that I didn't see your updates on my dashboard! Congrats on your healthy living choices. Growing that garden will certainly keep you on track. Hubs and I are eating many more organic things on our new "program" because we want to feel better. Fruits and veggies are so much tastier! We've lossed weight in the process too. Can't wait to see how your garden grows!!!