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Monday, December 26, 2005

Good intentions

Hopefully by listing some of the craft projects I want to accomplish in the coming months it will make me more apt to actually work on them! :-)

* Christmas layout of the "photo shoot" we did of Bailey to get a picture for our Christmas card

* Work on my honeymoon album, including actually filling in pics to the layouts I have completed already

* Continue to work on the "My Favorite Things" album I started at CKU-A

* Sort through my gazillions of pictures, organize them, decide which I want to do layouts of and which I want to store away

* I want to make more clay embellishments. I love using polymer clay I just don't play with it enough. I would love to make more clay porjects.

* Ditto tim holtz Alcohol Inks. I love using them but don't use them enough. I need to create more projects using his products...they rock!

* I love creating mini-albums, altered book-type albums, accordion albums, thins like that. I need to focus on making more of those, especially as gifts!

* This is not a craft project, per se, but it involves my craft room and I feel that when I accomplish this task I will be able to be more creative. I really want to take the time this winter to go through my gazillions of maagazines I have in there and ONLY tear out layouts or articles I like and FEEL THAT I WILL USE. I have been saving every issue of every scrapbooking and stamping magazine I have gotten in the last four years and 1.) there is simply no room for it (hehe...i ran out of room for them like two years ago!), and 2.) I NEVER go back to a whole magazine to find an idea because how the hell will I know where to look?!?!?! I know there is no guarantee that I will look through whatever I tear out either but I can't just toss the entire magazine...i can't do it. I have tried and I can't. It is too traumatic!

* Hell, while I am at it I really should re-organize the ENTIRE room!!! I have so much stuff, I mean, enough to open a small store, and it is to the point...no it is way beyond the point...of even knowing everything I have. So things go unoticed and even unopened for months on end because there is simply so much stuff. I have already decided that my mantra for 2006 is going to be SIMPLIFY! SIMPLIFY! SIMPLIFY!, and that pertains to every aspect of my life not just crafts, and I really need to have a neat organized room so I can really focus my creativity where it needs ot be...on my projects. Every item in there needs a home, similar items need to be together and/or near each other, as much needs to be put away as possible, and EVERYTHING needs to be labelled!!!

OK, I am overwhelming my brain now!!! Enough good intentions for one night!!!

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