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Monday, April 03, 2006

Scrappin' back in the day.....

I have been working on an 8x8 album of my honeymoon pictures for what seems like forever Back in 1999 when we took our honeymoon I had not yet gone digital as far as my picture taking and I was not really a scrapper either. So all of the prints I had done at the CVS one-hour photo lab all got arranged nicey-nice in a photo album (but not to worry, it is not the nasty magnetic albums of yesteryear!!!) And I really like seeing them that way. But as I grew in to this scrapbooking passion of mine I decided that I must have a scrapbooked album of honeymoon pix, too. Since I would not take apart the photo album they are in, any photos that I planned to use for the scrapbook had to be scanned and printed. So I was never in a rush to finish this book, and I am still not. It is a nice project to have on the back-burner if I am going to a crop or to one of the MMRS's houses to scrap, or to just fool around with in my craft room when I am encountering a creative block to start anything else. So since I have worked on this on and off for about four years now it is a true progression of my scrapbooking style. I love that. It is scrappin' back in the day and scrappin' now, and it all works!!!

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