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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The art of shopping at Target.....

and I promise you, it is an art. I know this is supposed to be creativity blog, but to me Target is an amazingly creative experience. OK, so I know there are those of you that will think I am completely out of my tree for waxing poetic about shopping at Target but I just can't help it. I get absolutely giddy when I go there, which is often. I mean really physically and mentally happy! When I was there the other day I decided I just had to finally write about it.

Going to Target isn't just "running errands." It is an experience in shopping, one best enjoyed by the seasoned shopper that knows how to fully appreciate the aura of Target. This is not to say that amateurs should not experience it, no, on the contrary, I fully encourage EVERYONE to become one with Target. Feel it, learn it, be it.

So I realized today there was something else I wanted to pick up and briefly contemplated "stopping in real quick" after work. I quickly decided against it, because, you see, there is no such thing and a quick trip to Target. The item was a toiletry item so I sucked it up and just got it at CVS instead (although I could probably do a whole 'nother post on CVS, too!).

See, when I go to Target, i can't just do it halfway. That throws off everything. There is a process and a method and deviating from that does not make me happy. I like my Target high and prefer to hang on to it. I always have to enter through the green doors. Entering through the blue doors is just not an option. so I go through the green doors and immediately in front of me is always something seasonal, which I love, since I am so all about the seasons and holidays. The Dollar Spot used to be right inside the green doors but it has been moved to the other side near the blue doors. I must thank the powers-that-be at my local Target for doing that! That dang Dollar Spot sucked me in everytime and usually it was just junk I could just as easily get at the Dollar Tree store next door. Yes once in a while there were some cute holiday or crafty thing or gifty thing, but not often.

So from seasonal I head to the left to toiletries/cosmetics. I can spend quite some time here and fill my cart with all kinds of fun hair stuff and lotions and creams, and soaps and toothpaste and deodorant and Advil. I love this section!!! Now this is the point where I start the zig-zag, going back and forth across the main aisle as I work my way to the back of the store. Across from cosmetics is the grocery section. Usually don't need much there unless there is a crop coming up then we get snacks here for it. Back across the aisle is cleaning products. You wouldn't think Zi would like this section but I do. It is so weird but I really do. Not that I enjoy cleaning. because I don't, but I love buying the stuff to do it. Kevin gets good use out of it!! haha After cleaning products is one of my most favoritest (yeaj I made it a word) sections: STORAGE!!! I am in love with rubbermaid and sterilite and all those other makers of bins and boxes and drawers and stuff. I love storage containers. I love to buy storage containers. I love to fill storage containers. I tend not to like the cleaning that usually has to happen to fill these storage containers. Then it is over to frames. I have not bought a lot of frames recently, and when I do I tend to get them at AC Moore with a coupon, but I love to browse the frames.

Then it is on to cookware and kitchen gadgets. Again, another section I love, I love to buy things from it, but I hate to cook so go figure! Across from there is linens for kitchen, bed, and bath. LOVE it in this section...coiuld easily spend an hour here.

I forgot to mention that in between frames and kitchen gadgets is an aisle that goes across the store. Ofteni will detour down here to look at purses and accessories, pictures and mirrors, Global Bazaar stuff, and socks. I adore all of my funky Target socks!!! I am not a funky dresser, but I have to have on my finky socks even if no one sees them but me!

So then I turn back and go past linens to toys to lopok for stuff for Jonathan Jr (and dream of the stuff I want to buy my own kids when we are blessed with them). Across from there is kids clothes and baby stuff. This is always a tough section for me and admittedly there are time when I get weepy right then and there because of how badly we want children. But I soldier on.

After kids stuff is shoes and again there is another aisle that goes across the store. I will head down it a bit so i cn look at slippers, too, and if it is the warmer months, flip-flops. After shoes is dog stuff! Love it here because they have so many of the treats that Bailey loves for so much cheaper than the grocery store or PetSmart. Plus there are just fun toys and beds and accessories. Across from the dog stuff is there the big holiday and seasonal section always is. Right now all of the summer stuff is out: lawn chairs, patio sets, grills, etc. This is where the Christmas trees and decorations are in December and Halloween stuff in October and back-to-school supplies in August. Just love this section, love it love it love.

Rounding the corner is car stuff (get stuff for Kevin), and sports/outdoor stuff (again, stuff for Kevin mostly, although we love camping so I get in to this section, too). Across the way is hardware (Kevin, but I look and browe nonetheless! It is an obsession!).

As we get past all of that stuff we are FINALLY in to my next most favoritest (yeah I said it again) part of Target: OFFICE SUPPLIES, SCRAPBOOKING STUFF, BOOKS, DVD's, CD's, WRAPPING STUFF, and CARDS!!!!!!! Love love love love love love love these sections...can't get enough of them...top off my cart and then some here!!!!!! When I do manage to pull myself away I head in to electronics (usually just looking for memory cards or printer ink). Then, there it is, the ubiquitous Dollar Spot. I have to look, it is impossible not to, and usually I end up tossing some crap in to my cart. From there it is usually on to the registers. I always head to one down by the green doors. I pass all of the clothing sections filling the cneter of the store and occasionally look for some things for me or Kevin. the only counter I don't ever really look at is jewelry.

So on to the checkout, which is a place, by the way, where I can still have loads of fun. There is just all kinds of cool stuff to be had at the registers besides gum and water. I get mini-bottles of hand sanitizer, wet wipes, decks of cards, cheap DVD's, magazines....I could easily get in about ten minutes more of shopping just in line at the check-out!

So, there it is...the art of shopping at Target. How is it creative you ask? Because I get some of my best ideas for scrapbooking, decorating, organizing, sometimes even cooking, while perfecting the art of shopping at Target.

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