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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Long time no blog....

I have some major catching up to do. And I will have topost lots of pics soon, too!

My friend Lori and I went to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in NH today. We left the house at the crack ass of dawn...well, 6:30AM...but that may as well be the crack ass of dawn since it is Saturday!!! But we had an 8:30AM class and we wanted to stop for coffee and have time to leisurely pick up our tickets and go pee and all that good stuff. We only did 2 classes but each were two hours so we got our money's worth. One was using Rusty Pickle products, which was FABULOUS!!! Love Rusty Pickle stuff. The other was using Junkitz and TIM HOLTZ products!!!!!! Loved it, too! Both classes were full albums....RP was A Year in the Life and Junkitz/TH was All About Me. I still have more to finish on them b/c even with 2 hours it is hard to finish complete albums, but I will post pics soon. The rest of the time there was devoted to SHOPPING...and shop we did!!! My little piggies are killing me from pounding the concrete floors going booth to booth!!! But it was soooo worth it! Picked up lots of cool stuff for Mom and me (she and Dad are still in Vegas). And now of course the bags are all sitting on my craft room floor which is probably where they will still be by the time the next convention rolls around b/c who the eff knows where I am going to put all this SHTUFF I did not need!!! LOL

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